Areesha Sultan Biography, Age, Education, Family, career

Areesha Sultan Biography

Areesha Sultan Biography: Areesha sultan is one of the very famous and talented child actresses. She was seen in many different projects on different channels as a child actress. Her cuteness and charming face attract her viewers which is why she is becoming very famous. People are loving her acting skills and her role in different drama serials. That is the main reason for her popularity. People want to know about her personal life and her showbiz career in the Pakistani drama industry.

As she is very young but her acting skills are beyond good. Here we are going to tell you about the complete detail of this very young and talented child actress.

Areesha Sultan Biography

Here is the complete information about this talented child actress. Her complete biography, Age, education, family, and showbiz career areas below.

Areesha Sultan Age

As she is started her career very recently. there is not enough information about this young child actress.

Areesha sultan Education

She is very young and did not complete her school education yet. she is still at school level in her studies but she wants to continue her showbiz career along with her education. And she is very talented and hardworking in her studies.

Areesha sultan Family

Areesha Sultan is becoming very famous day by day. She is very young and talented. She is living with her family in Karachi. Her family is very supportive of her. That is why her family allows her to work in the Pakistani showbiz industry as a child actress. And she is totally doing this perfectly. Areesha Sultan has only one sister. Areesha Sultan’s mother is a house maker. But she allows her daughter to work in the Pakistani drama industry as a child actress.


Areesha Sultan is a very famous child actress. She was working in a drama serialĀ  ” SOTELI MAMTA” in which she was playing her role as a child actress. Her innocence and her cuteness are adorable. People are loving her cuteness and her acting skills. she was recently working in a famous Ramadan play known as ” CHUPKE CHUPKE”. In this drama serial she was playing her role with some of the very famous celebrities. the famous celebrities working in this drama serial are AYEZA KHAN, OSMAN KHALID BUTT, AYMEN SALEEM, AADI KHAN, and ARSALAN NASEER. This drama serial is becoming a superhit and is trending at number one on youtube.

Areesha sultan starts her career as a child model. She is also working as a child model and walk on-ramp for many famous Pakistani clothing brands.

Areesha sultan Drama lists

Areesha Sultan worked in many drama serials on different tv channels. here is the complete list of her child character roles in different drama serials.

  2. Chupke Chupke

these are some of the very famous drama serials of this young emerging child actress.


She was nominated in an award show as the best child actress but did not able to achieve the award.