Haniya Khan Biography, Age, Education, Husband

Haniya Khan Biography

Haniya Khan Biography: Haniya khan is a very famous and talented actress in the Pakistani drama industry. She has a very pretty face and people love her acting talent while she works in her drama industries. That is why people want to know about her personal and professional life. She is a very famous model and she has many photoshoots for different brands. She is a perfect model.  Her professional life is very much famous o her Instagram account and on her Facebook account.

Her personal life is also the part of her character that people want to know about this actress. Here we are going to give a piece of complete information about this actress and how she is living her life. 

Haniya Khan biography

Haniya khan age

People want to know about her exact age. But as she has worked much in the Pakistani drama industry no one exactly knows about her age. She was born and grown up in the capital of Pakistan.

Haniya Khan Education

Haniya khan is a well-educated actress and model in the Pakistan drama industry. She has completed her education while staying in Islamabad and also has done her higher education.

Haniya khan family

Haniya khan loves her family very much and she is still living with her family in Karachi. As her family moved to Karachi for the future of their children. And she is still living in Karachi with her loving and supporting family.

Haniya Khan Husband

Haniya Khan is not married since last year. But recently she came up on social media with the news of her marriage. she claimed that she is married to a very famous politician and the host of the Pakistan industry. that very famous personality is Dr. Amir Liaquat khan. She said Amir Liaquat marry her and now she wants her rite to be his wife. People don’t know about this marriage and the third wife of amir Liaquat khan as he has two other marriages. his second wife is also a very famous newscaster TOOBA Liaquat Khan.

Personal life

Haniya Khan’s personal life is of great conflict when she claims about her married life with amir Liaquat khan. We don’t know about this was just an allegation or some media fame stunt. Haniya Khan said she has some of the very supporting proofs of her marriage with Amir Liaquat khan. And this news creates a sensation on the social media platform after the leakage of some pictures, videos, and recordings of Amir Liaquat with Hnaiya khan.


Haniya khan is one of the very famous models and actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. As She is working on many projects at different channels. Haniya Khan started her career as a model but soon her acting talent came on the floor. And she started working in different commercials and tv channels as a talented actress.

Haniya Khan Drama list

Haniya khan has worked in some popular tv serials. The drama serials lists of this stunning actress are as given.

She has worked on two projects on different tv channels.

  1. MEIN RANI 2021
  2. CHAKREES 2021

these are some of the famous projects o this famous actress Haniya khan and she wants to do some more projects as her fans and followers want to see her in more projects.

Haniya Khan hobbies

Haniya Khan loves modeling and she chooses her passion as her career. She also wants to become an actress in the Pakistan drama industry. Haniya khan likes traveling and she also makes a lot of pictures and then posts these pictures on her social media platforms.