Hina Javed Biography, Age, Education, Husband, Career


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Hina Javed Biography: Hina Javed is a very famous and talented actress in the Pakistani drama industry. She is becoming very famous after she plays a very famous and fascinating role in the very superhit and blockbuster drama serial ” Mery pass tum ho” After her fascinating role in this drama she is aging much popularity. Though she works in many other drama serials the main reason for her popularity is the drama serial MERY PASS TUM HO. In this drama serial, she has a very unique character in which she is the sister of a very famous and talented HIRA MANI.

After her popularity, her fan following is going to increase day by day. And her fans want to see her more in the projects on TV screens.

Her followers want to know about her personal and professional life. Here we are going to tell our viewers about the complete information about this famous actress.

Hina Javed Biography, Age. education, Husband, family

here are the complete details about the actress her both personal and professional life.

Hina Javed Age

Hina Javed was born in December in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. She opened her eyes in the Arab city. And then moved to Pakistan after being a toddler.

Hina Javed Education

She is very diligent and dedicated to her studies. Hian Javed completed her education in Islamabad after she started living in Islamabad. 

Hina Javed Family

She is still living in Islamabad with her family. Her family is very supportive of her and her other siblings. She is also the sister of a very famous and talented actress who wins the hearts of people with her looks and her acting skills. The sister name of Hina Javed is very famous SANA JAVED. Both of the sisters choose acting as her profession and both of them are winning the hearts of people with their acting skills. Sana Javed joined the Pakistani drama industry after she moves to Islamabad.

Hina Javed Husband

Hina Javed is still single. And she has no plans of marrying yet.

Hina Javed Career

She started her career by playing a role in the very famous drama serial “SHANAKHT”. Her role in this drama serial with other some very famous characters is very meaningful and hence people love her acting skills in this drama serial. But after this drama serial, she worked on a project “Mery pass tum ho” in 2020. This drama serial becomes a superhit and hence she gains much of the popularity from this drama serial. And then she started working on different projects and hence her followers are increasing day by day.

Her recent drama serials are also becoming very famous “Olaad” In this drama serial she is playing a defining role as the daughter-in-law of Amrina khan. 

Hina Javed Drama list

Here is the complete list of Hina Javed drama serials. She has not yet worked on many projects but her few projects are some of the super hits.

  3. OLAAD

These are some of the very famous drama serials of this talented actress Hina Javed.

Hina Javed films lists

Hina Javed has not yet worked in any of the films in the Pakistani film industry.


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