Kinza Hashmi Biography, Age, Education, Husband

Kinza Hashmi Biography

Kinza Hashmi Biography: Kinza Hashmi is one of the talented actresses in the Pakistani drama industry. She is playing very famous and fascinating roles in her recent drama serials. people are really loving her acting skills and want to know about this leading star in the Pakistani drama industry. She has very beautiful, Charming, and attractive eyes. Her fans and followers are loving her descent way of living and also her way of speech. She is conquering the hearts of her fans and her viewers.

That is why people are becoming her fans. People want to know about the personal and professional life of talented and young actresses. Here we are going to tell you some interesting facts about Kinza Hashmi and her lifestyle. There is a brief description of her acting career and her personal life.

Kinza Hashmi Biography

Here we are going to tell you people about the detailed information for this very talented and young actress Kinza Hashmi.

Kinza Hashmi Age

The exact date of birth of this very famous actress Kinza Hashmi is the 7th of March 1997. According to this date of birth, she is 24 years old.


As she was born on 7th March, She belongs to the PISCES zodiac sign.


Kinza Hashmi loves her family so much. She lives with her family in Lahore. Her family is very supportive of her. That is why she becomes able to fulfill her dreams in the Pakistani drama industry. She has a dream of taking part in the Pakistani drama industry and due to eh hard work and dedication she steps into the Pakistani drama and film industry and now is getting fame due to her charming face and performance in many drama serials.

Kinza Hashmi education

Kinza Hashmi is very dedicated to her studies. She recently completes her bachelor’s degree. But her main motive is to work in the Pakistani drama and film industry. that is why she is trying her best to work for the Pakistani drama and film industry.

Kinza Hashmi Husband

She is still single and has no plans of dating yet. because according to her she wants to fulfill her dreams of accomplishing a high status in the Pakistani drama and film industry. that is why she has no plans of marrying yet.


Kinza Hashmi started her career in modeling. And she works in many commercials for the Pakistani tv channels. After her successful work in modeling and commercials, she wants to show her acting skills in Pakistani drama and the film industry. that is why she works on many different projects both in the Pakistani drama and film industry. She got her fame from the very popular drama serial “ISHQ TAMASHA”. In these drama serials, she plays a negative role and got much fame by playing this negative role as people love her expressions and acting skills. After her successful work in these drama serials, she got many projects for the main lead. and then after she started working as the lead actress.

Her very recent drama serial is also getting much fame due to her innocent role in this drama serials against ” FAHAD SHEIKH”. This drama serial is AZMAISH. And is getting much popularity among the people.

Drama lists

Here is the complete list of her very famous dramas.

  1. Ishq Tamasha
  2. Aazmaish
  3. Gul o Gulzar

These are some of the very famous dramas of this very talented and famous actress.