Mariam Ansari Biography, Age, Education and Husband


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Mariam Ansari Biography: The age of Mariam Ansari is 27 Years, and her date of birth is March 01, 1997. Mariam is well-known for being a family girl and for often saying how awesome her parents are. When the sisters and brothers were younger, they wanted to be performers. Therefore, they never stopped them from pursuing their career goals. Mariam Ansari’s brother is the leading actor, Ali Ansari. Her horoscope is Aquarius and her place of birth is Saudi Arabia.

Because of her exceptional acting skills, Mariam helps playwrights and scriptwriters bring their characters to life. Her attractive and elegant attitude attracts everyone in the industry. She made a name for herself in the Pakistani drama scene in a short period of time. Her performance was diverse and won her a devoted fan base. She performed in theatre and as an RJ early in her career. She has appeared in over ten Pakistani dramas as an actor. Explore the blog post to learn more about Mariam Ansari.

Mariam Ansari Biography

Education of Mariam Ansari

She completed her A-level coursework and was a Karachi graduate. She graduated from the University of Karachi.

Husband of Mariam Ansari

A Pakistani TV actress and the son of the late cricket player Moin Khan got married. The day before the wedding ceremony, the couple happily got engaged. Owais Khan is Mariam Ansari’s spouse or husband. Her nationality is Pakistani, and her residence is in Karachi, Pakistan.


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