Zarnab Fatima Tiktoker Biography, Age, Contact Number, Husband

Zarnab Fatima Tiktoker Biography, Age, Contact Number, Husband.

Zarnab Fatima Tiktoker is a renowned Pakistani social star. If you want to know about her life, husband, age, and education. Then you have to read the full article to know about Zarnab.

Zarnab Fatima Tiktoker Biography

Here is some personal information about Zarnab Fatima.


Her age is 25 years old. She was born on 16 March 1998.


She is a medical student and becoming a doctor.


Zarnab Fatima lives in Karachi Pakistan.

Zarnab Fatima Tiktok

She has a large number of followers on Tiktok and other social media accounts. She made dance and entertainment videos. Zarnab also shares dressing styles.

Zarnab Fatima Tiktoker’s Husband

She is married. Her husband’s name is Laraib. She got married recently. Zarnab and Laraib are famous Tiktoker couple.

Contact Number

Zarnab Fatima has not shared his contact number on social media, but if you want to contact her, you can message her on her Instagram account.

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