Best Health Insurance Companies in Islamabad

Health Insurance Companies

Best Health Insurance Companies: The health insurance organizations consents to pay all or a portion of the safeguarded individual’s medical services costs as a trade-off for installment of a month to month expense. The plan will be liable for paying explicit costs connected with injury, disease, pregnancy, or deterrent consideration.

Islamabad is one of the biggest city in Pakistan that provide Best Health Insurance Companies. Some of leading health Insurance companies in Islamabad are here to help you out and get benefit to yourselves.

Health Insurance Companies in Islamabad


Jubilee health insurance provide a plan that is called Jubilee health shield that provide financial support in case of you and your family members when they had a medical emergency. They also offer cancer protection plan secure personal accident plan and many other good opportunities. Jubilee Health Insurance brings you reasonable and fundamental well being plans that empower you to get first in class medical care without agonizing over supporting it. They have different branches in many cities of Pakistan.

ALFALAH Health Insurance:

Health insurance plan of ALFALAH Company is a big group medical insurance program that is design for the organizations in such a way that they can take care of health-related concerns of their family members employees. They have well managed health department that is consisting of best doctors and other supportive staff members. Their insurance covered medical cost of outdoor patients, surgical treatments and dread diseases.


This company is one of the famous and largest health insurance companies in Pakistan, Islamabad. This company also provides services in different countries other than Pakistan. It offer financial protection by paying all the costs that are related to hospital stays, drug’s prescription and other health services. They have different categories in health insurance like platinum category silver category.  In these categories they provide different facilities with different cost and limitations.

EFU Health Insurance:

Eastern federal Union EFU is one of the largest Insurance Groups in Pakistan. The company is well known for its generous financial support and is considered as one of the best companies in Pakistan. They provide the facility of emergency medical expenses, hospitalization expenses and many more to their customers.