Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Bahawalpur 2024

Best Medical Colleges in Bahawalpur

Best Medical Colleges in Bahawalpur: There are many private and public sector medical colleges in Pakistan. Some of them are in Punjab and some are in other provinces. most of the medical colleges are located in Lahore. But some of the medical colleges are located in different cities of Punjab. These medical colleges are somehow the best medical colleges. The public and private medical colleges have a huge difference in some of their aspects such a the fee structure.

The private sector medical colleges charge a huge amount of fee per annum. Bu the public sector medical colleges have less fee. Here we are going to tell you about some medical colleges in the Bahawalpur.

Medical colleges in Bahawalpur in 2024

There is some of the public sector and private sector medical colleges in Bahawalpur. Here we are going to tell you about the procedure of admission, Their fee structure and other queries about the facilities and hostel accommodation about these medical colleges. Here is the brief view of these medical colleges in Bahawalpur.

Public sector medical college in Bahawalpur in 2024

There is only one public sector medical college in Bahawalpur name Quaid e Azam medical college Bahawalpur. There is also public sector dental college in Bhawalpur name Quaid e Azam dental college Bahawalpur. This dental college is affiliated with the Quaid e Azam Medical College.

Private sector medical college in 2024

There are some private-sector medical colleges in Bhawalpur. There is a list of this medical college in Bhawalpur.
1. CMH institute of medical sciences, Bhawalpur
2. Royal Homeopathic Medical College Bhawalpur
3. Shahida Islam Medical College Bahawalpur
4. Shahida Islam Dental College Bahawalpur
5. College of Nursing Bhawalpur
these are some of the famous private-sector medical, dental, and nursing colleges in Bahawalpur.

How to apply to Medical colleges

In order to get admission in the Medical colleges of Bahawalpur, A test is conducted known as the entry. The student must qualify for this test to get admission to medical colleges. The test is usually taken once time every year.

Eligibility to apply

There are certain eligibility criteria to apply to Medical colleges.

  1. The student must have a 60% marks score in the intermediate.
  2. The students must pass the entrance test.
  3. The student must complete their inter-studies with the medical subjects.

Affiliation of Medical Colleges

All the medical colleges have their affiliation with the UHS University of health sciences Lahore. The entrance test is also conducted by The UHS and merit lists are made to give admission to the students.