Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Faisalabad 2023

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Faisalabad 2021

Medical colleges in Faisalabad: Medical college is always a dream for every student. Those who study pre-medical with biology as their major subjects have a dream to study in medical colleges. But the number of medical colleges is very low in Pakistan. The seats for MBBS students are also very less. Here we are going to tell our viewers about some famous medical colleges in Faisalabad.

Best Medical Colleges In Faisalabad 2023

Faisalabad is the very ancient city of Pakistan. It has many unique features. It is also famous for its educational services. Several educational institutes are opened up in Faisalabad. Many medical and engineering colleges are present in Faisalabad. Other universities colleges and schools are built up in this city. But here we are discussing the medical colleges in Faisalabad. The famous medical colleges in Faisalabad are as follows.
Medical Colleges

The famous medical colleges in Faisalabad are:

1. Punjab medical college
2. Aziz Fatima medical and dental college
3. Independent medical college Faisalabad

Besides the government medical colleges, there are many private sector medical colleges in Faisalabad. But government sector medical colleges are always the priority of the students. Because the expenditures of the public sector medical colleges are very less as compared to the private sector medical colleges.

Punjab Medical College / Faisalabad medical university

Punjab medical college is also known as the Fiaslabad medical university. Its name was changed in the past some years. This medical college is one of the very famous colleges in Pakistan. It is located on the Sargodha Road Faisalabad. The facilities provided in this medical college to their students are of a very high standard. Some of the facilities provided by them are as follows.

1. Air-conditioned lecture rooms
2. Several tutorial halls
3. A vast museum
4. Ancient library
5. hostel facilities for both boys and girls
6. Information technology center
7. Auditorium for several activities
8. Playgrounds
These are some of the facilities provided by the medical college to their students.

Hospitals Affiliated to the Punjab medical colleges

Three hospitals have their affiliation to the medical college of Faisalabad
1. Allied hospital
2. DHQ hospital Faisalabad
3. Ghulam Muhammad hospital

Aziz Fatima medical and dental college Faisalabad

AZIZ Fatima medical college is a private sector medical college in Faisalabad. It is also a dental college as it offers both the programs of MBBS and BDS. This is also a very famous medical college in the private sector and its ranking is one of the top 10 medical colleges of the private sector. The facilities provided by these medical colleges are quite fascinating.

FEE structure of Azia Fatima medical college in 2023

The expenses of private medical colleges are very high. Its costs are in lacs. the annual fee structure of these private-sector medical colleges is 12 lac from starting. Above all the hostel accommodation is also very expensive. Because they provide high-class facilities to their students.

Independent Medical College in Faisalabad

Independent medical college is the private sector medical college located in Faisalabad. every year several students graduate from this college. And several students secure their admission to this college. It is located in the Jinnah colony Faisalabad, Punjab 44000. This private college is affiliated with the UHS university of medical and health sciences. They also provide a lot of facilities to their students such as the library, Museum, Auditorium, Playgrounds, hostel facilities to both boys and girls.

Best edical colleges in 2023

It is time to build new medical colleges in Faisalabad. Because it is the demand of time and society for the health care of every citizen. And for this purpose, these colleges are mapping out the future of our country.