Foundation University Islamabad Fee Structure 2024

Foundation University Islamabad Fee

Are you looking for Foundation University Islamabad fee structure?? We are here to provide you with all the information about the university and fee structure. Just have a look at the article.

Foundation University Islamabad Fees Structure

Foundation University is a famous university in Islamabad. It is the project of the Fauji Foundation. This university is HEC registered. This is the highest-ranking university and is approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Agreement with UOB:

Recently FUI signed an agreement with the University of Bedfordshire (UOB). In this agreement, they decided that students who are doing BS in computer science, and software Engineering in FUI pass their first years at this university and then last year at the University of Bedfordshire which is a foreign university. So the students got both degrees from the UK and Pakistan.

Scholarships in Foundation University Islamabad:

The best thing is that they are providing scholarships for their students. These scholarships are available for well-deserving, talented and disabled students. The staff of the university is also well educated and professional. The university is also providing co-curricular activities and different functions.

Foundation University Islamabad Fee Structure:

We are sharing her fee structure for undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes.

Undergraduate Programmes:

1- BS Electrical Engineering

Rs. 115,000

2- BS Computer Science

Rs. 126,000

3- BS Software Engineering

Rs. 126,000

4- BS Aviation Management

Rs. 115,000

5- BBA

Rs. 119,000

6- BS Psychology

Rs. 97,500

7- BS Media & Communication

Rs. 90,000

8- Bachelor of Computer Arts

Rs. 90,000

9- BS English

Rs. 86,500

10- BS Tourism & Hospitality

Rs. 69,500

11- BS Information Engineering Technology

Rs. 80,500

12- BS Biomedical Engineering Technology

Rs. 80,500

13- BS Accounting & Finance

Rs. 92,000

Masters Programmes:

1- Master’s in Business Administration

Rs. 9,900/- PCH for the Course & Rs. 10,000 for each deficiency course

2- MS Computer Science

Rs. 9,900/- PCH for the Course & Rs. 10,000 for each deficiency course

3- MS Management Sciences

Rs. 9,900/- PCH for the Course & Rs. 10,000 for each deficiency course

4- MS Engineering Management

9,900 PCH

5- MS English

Rs. 9,900 PCH

6- MS Media & Communication

Rs. 9,900 PCH

7- MS Psychology

Rs. 9,900 PCH

8- MS Information Security

Rs. 9,900 PCH

MS Electrical Engineering

Rs. 9,900 PCH

9- MS Software Engineering

Rs. 9,900 PCH

PhD programmes:

1- PhD Computer Science

Rs. 12,000 PCH

2- PhD Management Sciences

Rs. 12,000 PCH

3- PhD Psychology

Rs. 12,000 PCH

4- PhD English

Rs. 12,000 PCH

This is all about fee structure. If you have any queries feel free to ask.

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