Preparatory School Islamabad fees structure

Preparatory school islamabad

Do you want to know about the Preparatory School Islamabad fee structure?? OK!! We are here to provide you with all the information and fee structure about the Preparatory School fee structure. Just have a look at this article:

Preparatory School Islamabad:

Preparatory School Islamabad is one of the best schools in Islamabad. This school was established in 1900. It is providing quality education in Islamabad. In August 2000 O’ levels classes were started in this school.


The preparatory school is an English medium school.


The environment is very friendly and caring in which the talents of students establish.

Discipline and management:

Discipline is very excellent in this school and they manage their all matters in a very good way.

New techniques and innovative ideas:

The school has a modern approach to education. They emphasize the importance of innovative ideas. This thing motivates the students and enhances their talents and aptitudes.

Excellent faculty:

The staff and faculty of the school are excellent


They are providing several facilities to their students. There is a well-equipped library, computer lab, science lab, and sports facilities at the school as well as there is a heavy emphasis on discipline and patriotism at the school.


They arrange proper parent-teacher meetings to interact with parents and tell them students’ reports in studies and other activities.

Cocurricular activities:

The school arranges different co-curricular activities for the students. They arrange different types of competition.

Some glimpses of activities are as follows:

Preparatory School Islamabad                      Preparatory School Islamabad

Preparatory School Islamabad fee structure:

The fee is a little bit high because the school is providing quality education. There is an admission fee and then a monthly fee every month. It is also famous for its best results.


It is located in P4JC+VVF, Ramna 4 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.

Phone number: 

051 2822348

So this is all about Preparatory School in Islamabad.

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