Get Scholarship after FSC from Universities in Pakistan


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Scholarship after FSC in Pakistan: You get goods marks in the 2nd year and you are looking for a Scholarship from Pakistani universities. Every student has a dream to get a scholarship from a university in Pakistan. We provide the way how you can get a scholarship from universities. Parents are willing for their brilliant students to get scholarships. Many students get 100% scholarships and many get 80% scholarships and some get 50% scholarships from these universities.

Scholarship after FSC from Universities in Pakistan

In Pakistan, most of the universities offer scholarships in 1st semester. If you are maintained your CGPA then the scholarship converts into another semester. In university, if students can’t maintain the CGPA then after 1st semester then students pay full semester fees. Students need hard works to maintain and get free studies.

Scholarship from Comsats Universities after Inter

Comsats university offers FSC students who get above 90% marks and can avail themselves from universities.

Scholarship from University of Center Punjab after FSC

University of center Punjab (UCP) gives lots of opportunities for new students who get lots of marks in FSC. They give above 90% free study scholarship.

Scholarship from University of Lahore after FSC

The University of Lahore offers a 100% discount for the students who work hard in FSC. Students need to maintain their required CGPA in all semesters.

Scholarship from Superior University after FSC

Superior university Rainwind road also gives opportunities for students who get big marks in FSC. They provide 70% scholarships for students who get good marks in FSC.


Please upload your marks sheet or email us for Scholarship Payment our Email-id is [email protected] Offer Scholarship for 1st Year

95% Marks  = 50,000

90% Marks =  40,000

80% Marka =  30,000

We send your marks sheet to universities then they provide you discount on your annual semester fees.


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