Scope of Master in Chemistry in Pakistan, job, Salary


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Chemistry is a branch of systematic study that deals with atoms, molecules, energies, computers, quantities, equations. Chemicals are something that only pure atoms make up. Here you can check the scope of master in chemistry.

Chemistry is the science of the subject that deals with the material and their interactions. When interacting with or around them and as a result of such interactions the energy is absorbed into materials. They begin to change their properties or appearance or some of their physical properties or other dimensions and the study of such a process is called chemistry.

Scope of Master in Chemistry

Importance of chemistry in our daily life

 Element in the Human Body

The body is made up of synthetic compounds, which are compounds of nutrients. You probably know the body especially of water, which is hydrogen and oxygen.

Industries and Transport

From textile pots, lather factories, petroleum industries, and refineries to metals industries – they all use a lot of energy sources and chemical products.

Food Security and Agriculture

The advent of inorganic fertilizers is a popular green revolution that boosts agricultural products to ensure food security. Since then, fertilizer farmers have been using it extensively to restore the fertility of the soil in the fields.


Understanding basic chemistry is essential so that we can understand how vitamins, supplements, and medications can help or harm us. Part of the importance of chemistry is the development and testing of new medical treatments and.

Health Care and Beauty

Diagnostic tests, diagnostic evaluations, medical prescriptions, tablets, vaccines, antibiotics play a vital role in health surveillance, disease control, and reducing human suffering. These are all products of chemistry.

Graduates from this course will be well prepared to learn new eco-friendly cardiovascular systems and understand the processes that the chemical industry follows. After completing B.Sc Chemistry, you can go to M.Sc in Chemistry or do various jobs and take an internship to prepare for industry-level entries.

There are many more examples in which chemistry is used.

Jobs for chemistry graduates

some of the jobs for chemists are as follows,

  • Analytical chemist
  • Bio-medical Chemist
  • Chemical Engineering Associate
  • Industrial Research Scientist
  • Lab Chemist
  • Materials Technologist
  • Production Chemist
  • Production Officer
  • Quality Controller
  • R&D Director
  • Research & Development Manager
  • Safety Health and Environment Specialist
  • Community College Chemistry Instructor
  • Chemistry Teacher.
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Geochemist
  • Hazardous Waste Chemist.
  • Materials Scientist.
  • Pharmacologist
  • Toxicologist
  • water chemist

In the coming future chemistry is the main factor which decides our transportation, nutrition, energy production, and other activities.


salary is not fixed for every field. But the average salary is 30,000 to 40,000 for a beginner. An experienced chemist can earn according to his own experience.

Best Universities for Master in Chemistry

There is a long list of universities offering chemistry courses in Pakistan. some are as follows,

  1. Kinnaird College For Women
  2. University Of Education
  3. The University Of Punjab
  4. University Of Engineering & Technology, Lahore
  5.  Government College University
  6. Forman Christian College
  7. Hajveri University
  8. Lahore University Of Management Sciences
  9.  Lahore Garrison University
  10.  University Of Central Punjab
  11.  The University Of Lahore ( Main Campus )
  12. Government College Of Science[wahdat Road]
  13. University Of Central Punjab
  14.  Government Islamia Post Graduate College For Women
  15. Queen Marry College
  16. National University Of Science & Technology
  17. Quaid-e-Azam University
  18. university of Gujrat
  19. university of Sargodha
  20. Govt. college university Lahore
  21. Govt. College university Faislabad
  22. University of Agriculture
  23. Arid University Rawalpindi

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