Javed Akhtar NA 150 Biography, Education, Election Result 2024

Javed Akhtar NA 150 Biography

The Candidate of PML-N Javed Akhtar in NA 150 is a strong candidate in his area. In Pakistan, general elections are held every five years to elect members of the National Assembly (MNA) and the Provincial Assembly. Pakistan is divided into different constituencies.

Each constituency is represented by an MNA in the National Assembly. These MNAs are given specific names depending on the area in which they represent.

This constituency and MNA may vary depending on population and political changes.

Javed Akhtar NA 150 Biography

Name Javed Akhtar
Election Symbol Shair
Local Address
Contact Number
Province Punjab
Constituency NA 150
Party PML-N
Oath Taking Date 2024

Javed Akhtar Election Result 2024

Lahore complete Election Result NA 150

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