Best Nail Paint Designs for girls on EID in Pakistan 2021


Best Nail paint designs for girls on EID: EID is the festival of happiness and love. After the whole month of fasting in RAMZAN  Allah gifted us the day of Eid. Eid is for celebrating the love and blessings of ALLAH. Everyone buys new dresses and clothes for the day of Eid. The whole collection of dressing up is the main necessity of the day of Eid. Boys simply dressed up but young girls and women take a long time for the complete get up. The hairstyling and all the accessories need time to be ready. Some girls have the craze to have perfect nails and the perfect nail paints that must complement their hands. Here we are going to tell you about some best nail paint designs for girls on EID in Pakistan in 2021.

Best nail paint designs for girls on EID in Pakistan in 2021

Some of the best nail paint designs for girls o eid in Pakistan are hereunder. We just want to tell you about some best and epic designs for the girls on eid. The perfect nail arts that compliment the hands of the girls.  The nail art is the most amazing artwork on the nails of hands and feet. Many girls keep long nails for applying nail paints of different designs and styles. The epic and chic nail arts on the hands and feet are described under.

Nail paint art for the girls on EID

Grils usually take a longer time for getting ready. Some girls need the perfect nail paint design on the nails of their hands and feet. Here are some nail paint designs for the girls on eid.

Silver stones nail art designs for girls on eid

The silver stone nail art design is the application of stones of different colors on the nails in different patterns. These stones give s finishing look to the nails after the application of nail paint. Some stunning ideas can change the complete look of your nails.

Patterns on nails for the eid in Pakistan in 2021

Different patterns are formed on the nails with the help of different brushes. These brushes are of a special type that is used for the application of different patterns on the nails. Many girls apply these patterns by themselves. But some of them prefer professional nail paint artists.


Nail paint design art is one of the favorite tasks for the girls on eid in Pakistan in 2021. There are many professionals who made special nail paint designs for the girls. They offer their services in their own salons and also charge for the application of nail paint designs. Some nail paint art machines are also available in the market for self-application of designs.