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90+ Latest New Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat Eid 2024

Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat: Mehndi is a shape of frame art, much like a transient tattoo, carried out at the palms and toes for unique ceremonies and fairs. It is quite famous in Hindu and Islamic cultures, especially in India, Pakistan, and some different countries. It is taken into consideration as auspicious and is symbolic of happiness, health, fertility, and true luck. Applying Mehendi has emerged as a completely unique and vital part of all varieties of events and fairs for women. Do you need your mehndi to face out the following time there’s an own circle of relatives gathering? Read directly to discover the latest new mehndi designs for Chand Raat.

The Traditional Design

Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat

Nothing can pass incorrect with this easy mehndi layout comprising of all of the simple motifs which have been historically used for creating an easy mehndi layout. Start with a dot. Add a few semi-circles. Add on semicircles and dots along with the main circle. A net on the fingers and wrist complement the whole design.

The Chaand on palm is the best mehndi design for chand raat

A simple moon on the hand itself tells the whole story of occasion. It is a unique idea and elegancy is obvious from the simplicity. You can draw this simple art by yourself without any help. Just draw a simple half-moon and star inside with little details on your fingers as well.

Chand Raat

Mehndi designs are very tricky with Moon. So, it will be genuinely problematic to position it. However, this layout pulls off the moon’s detail with admirable ease.  Moon strokes are covered with dotted swirls giving a look of the mosque dome.  The fingers convey a piece of normalcy with fundamental henna strokes moderately etched. I love how this layout seems extra like a tattoo than a layout giving it a present-day vibe which surely makes it a unisex henna layout.

Floral Chand with stars is trending

This elegant design comprises chand with a floral touch in the middle. Little dotted domes arising endorse a spirituality element. This layout suits the back of the hand much better than the front. The out-spread of stars gives it a vivacious look.

A Moon hung with a linear floral motif is the latest mehndi design for Chand Raat

Mehndi Designs

If you like a design that will enhance the whole hand rather than just one side, you must try this design. A side moon with a star inside hung between the linear dots with floral motifs and lantern is an ideal design for Chaand Raat.

90+ Latest New Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat Eid 2022

90+ Latest New Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat Eid 2022

90+ Latest New Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat Eid 2022

90+ Latest New Mehndi Designs for Chand Raat Eid 2022



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