Today Per Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan 24 October 2020

Today Per Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan 24 October 2020

Per Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan: Gold is something you can consider as a good investment for the future. Especially, ladies love to save gold as their savings. Its rates are never fixed and vary according to the international gold rate. The current dollar rate decides the rate of gold per tola. Pakistani sells 22k and 24k gold, which is mainly sold as per tola and 10 grams weight measurements.

The cost also varies according to the product design. Today, on the 24 of October per tola rate of gold is 98,454 per 10 grams and 115,475 per tola. Usually, the rate remains the same all over Pakistan, But the Sarafa market decides the current gold rate in every city.

Today per Tola Gold Rate in Pakistan 24 October 2020

24K Gold per 10 grams 98,454
24k Gold per Tola 115,475
22k Gold per 10 grams 91,024
22k Gold per Tola 105,444
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The Gold rate in all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad are given below.

Location 24K 10 g 24K per tola 22K 10hg
Pakistan 99200  115,700 90,933
Karachi 99,200  115,700 90,933
Lahore 99,200 115,700 90,933
Islamabad 99,200 115,700 90,933
Rawalpindi 99,200 115,700 90,933
Peshawar 99,200 115,700 90,933
Quetta 99,200 115,700 90,933

Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 99,747 as the latest updated price on 24 Oct 2020. You can buy gold from Gold markets that are near your area. We just providing you currently Gold rate day by day. Gold is famous in Pakistan for marriage purposes.