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How to Boost your Immune System Against COVID-19 in Pakistan

Boost your immune system: Coronavirus is originated from the city of China, Wuhan. It is recognized as a pandemic and affected the whole world. The destruction and devastation that occurred by this virus cannot be undone. Millions of people died because of this.

We can not eradicate this virus from this world but we can take adequate measures to fight with this virus. Safety precautions are the only key to protect your lives from this deadly virus. If you are having a good immune system you can fight the battle against this virus.

Why do We Need a Strong Immune System?

What basically immune system is, it is a system in our body that works as a defense and protects our body from invaders for example viruses, bacteria, and foreign bodies. The immune system consists of many biological components that fight against lethal viruses and bacteria.

But sometimes your body defender fails to win the battle against the virus and make you sick. There is nothing to be worried about, we can boost the immune system. Researchers are working on the effects of different factors on the immune system such as diet, age, exercise, mental and physical stress.

How to Build Your Immune System Against COVID-19 in Pakistan

Build your Immunity against COVID-19 in Pakistan

Following are the majors that we can adapt to survive coronavirus:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that Can only be done by adopting healthy habits.
  • Eat high fiber diets such as fruits and vegetables.
  • By working out daily.
  • Having a good and sufficient intake of vitamin C.
  • Get a good amount of sleep.
  • Try not to take a lot of stress physically as well as mentally.
  • Smokers are having higher risks of getting caught by coronavirus than non-smokers, so say no to smoking.

Coronavirus in Pakistan Detail

As we grew older, our immune systems capable of fighting and defending reduces. So, the risk of viruses and infections increases. The main cause of death over 65-year-old people is more likely respiratory diseases. Unluckily, COVID-19 in Pakistan also affects the lungs and act as a respiratory disease.

Healthy immune system fighters need good and regular nourishment as these army men walk on its stomach. The people who live underprivileged lives in poverty and are malnutrition are more likely to be affected by a coronavirus. And, we are having the example of Africa and Yemen.

Deficiencies of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E can make our immune system week. We can boost our immune system by taking multivitamin and mineral supplements. You can do it by eating fruits our vegetables which are having great content of these vitamins and minerals as orange juice is the best natural supplement for boosting the immune system against coronavirus.

Mental health also has a great impact on your immune system. It is scientifically proven that depression and stress affect the stomach. The mind and the immune system have a significant relation. For boosting the immune system against coronavirus, we should indulge ourselves in healthy activities. Support people who are facing a crisis in this difficult time.

Doing exercise regularly can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Your cardiovascular health will be improved By exercising. Which will result in lowering the blood pressure and boosts the immune system? The only way to safeguard ourselves is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be conscious of our hygiene. COVID-19 in Pakistan may reduce the ratio of death at the end of August 2020.

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