Turkish Wooden Flooring Price in Pakistan


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Turkish Wooden Flooring Price in Pakistan: Are you thinking about renovating your home? Choose nothing besides Turkish wooden flooring because they are reliable and durable. Turkish wooden flooring is gaining popularity in Pakistan because of its aesthetic appeal and affordability.

Among various flooring options in Pakistan, Turkish flooring is easy to maintain and cuts down the cost of upkeep. Let’s understand the factors influencing the Turkish wooden flooring price in Pakistan.

Factors Influencing Turkish Wooden Flooring Price in Pakistan

The cost of wooden Turkish flooring price in Pakistan depends on the following factors:

Wood Type

Oak, Walnut, Maple, and Cherry are some of the most popular choices in Turkish wooden flooring. The price depends upon the quality of the wood, the grain pattern and its durability.

Thickness and Width

The thicker and wider wooden planks of Turkish flooring are more expensive because they are more durable and have more longevity than the narrower ones.

Finish and Texture

There are different textures and finishing options for Turkish wooden flooring. Textures such as smooth, distressed, and hand-scraped are common. The intricacy and finish of the flooring also add to its price.

Installation Process

There are different methods to install Turkish flooring whether it is glued down, or nailed down. The method of installation also affects the price. Some procedures require more materials and labour.

Price of Turkish Flooring in Pakistan

The Turkish elegant laminates, P36 in shade Natural Merbau are available for Rs. 425 in Pakistan. Another elegant Turkish Nature Laminates P26 in the shade Golden is also available for Rs. 425.

The Turkish Line Plus Laminates in shade P24, Milan is available for 425PKR.

The fluctuations in the market and currency exchange rate can affect the price of Turkish wooden flooring in Pakistan. When buying Turkish wooden flooring first check out these factors to determine which option will align with your budget and taste.

Turkish wooden flooring is a great addition to the Pakistani market and offers the perfect combination of elegance, durability and affordability. Search the market before deciding to find an ideal fit for your needs.


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