Carrefour Packages in Ramadan Pakistan 2021

Carrefour Packages in Ramadan in Pakistan 2021: Carrefour is one of the leading superstores or supermarkets working network all around the country. They are famous for the products and articles of shopping all around the country. They have products related to shopping and grocery and also some food items. This is the huge network of shopping malls all over the country.

They have some huge and affordable packages for the poor and needy people. They give these super affordable packages for all the poor and needy people so they can get benefits from these packages. Here we are going to tell you about some super comfortable and affordable packages for the Ramadan in Pakistan in 2021.

Carrefour Packages in Ramadan Pakistan in 2021

As the Ramadan is approaching is the month of April. For this purpose to support the poor and needy people to overcome the burden of their kitchen. And some extra household commodities that are compulsory for daily life. The carrefour is giving some packages of the products including the household affinities and some kitchen accessories. Carrefour is giving this package to Ramadan.

As many people give many products during Ramadan in charity. These Ramadan packages are very famous among poor people. Because these packages are very affordable and it includes many useful products of the daily routine life.

Carrefour Ramadan Packages

Carrefour Ramadan packages in April 2021 include three different kinds of packages which include different items of food along with some household items. Here is the detail about these carrefour packages for Ramadan 2021.

Ramadan RASHAN package 1

The first Ramadan RASHAN package is about rupees 799. This Ramadan RASHAN package includes the food items such as.

  1. Daal chana
  2. Daal Mash
  3. Safaid chana
  4. Ghee
  5. Maida
  6. Soap
  7. Dishwash bar
  8. Jam-e-Sheeran
  9. Sugar
  10. Tea
  11. Salt
  12. Chat masala
  13. Dates
  14. Baisan

These are some important household items for daily life use and hence are very affordable in their Ramadan RASHAN package 1.

Ramadan RASHAN package 2

The carrefour Ramadan RASHAN package 2 starts from rupees 999. This package also includes some household items for daily life use and can be available in affordable price ranges.

Ramadan RAHSAN package 3

The carrefour Ramadan RASHAN package 3 includes the same household kitchen items and some extra stuff from the kitchen. The price of this Ramadan package is rupees 1499. These carrefour Ramadan packages are available at every carrefour superstore.


The carrefour Ramadan RASHAN package is very affordable and can be easily available for the poor and needy people. You can visit the nearest carrefour superstore or supermarket to get these Ramadan PASHAN packages in Pakistan in2021. These packages are very reasonable in price ranges and many people can get benefit from these packages.