Windows 12 Update and Price in Pakistan 2024


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Windows 12 Update and Price in Pakistan: Recently Microsft announced to launch of a new Windows 12 all over the world on 05 February 2024. A new operating system will be available in the Windows update center. You need Windows 10 to upgrade to Windows 12. You can check when Windows will be live in Pakistan on 05 October 2021. Here you can check Windows 12 system requirements, how to install it, and Windows 12 price in Pakistan.

Windows 12 Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan windows 12 Price not be confirmed. At this time we just assume it’s around 8000 PKR to 12000 PKR in Pakistan for new systems. If you have already Windows 12 then you can update free of cost.

Windows 12 Released Date in Pakistan

In Pakistan Windows 12 updates on 24 February 2024 Pakistan but Windows 12 will be live on 05 February 2024.


Performance: Windows 12 performance is faster than Windows 11.

Layout: windows 12 size is 40% smaller than Windows 11. and Its layout is more friendly than other windows.

Display: The display will be a 9-inch HD 720p resolution.

Playtime Game Mode: You can play 100 plus games in Windows 12 Game mode.

Windows 12 System Requirement

You want to update or install a new Windows 12 in your system for this you need some system requirements. Another Windows can’t be run on your system.

RAM: Windows 12 needs 1GB RAM for 32 Bit system or 2GB RAM for 64 Bit system.

Space: Windows 12 needs 16GB of memory for 32 32-bit systems or 20GB of Space for 64 64-bit systems.

CPU: A minimum of 1 Gigahertz processor is needed.

Resolutions: The system needs a minimum of 800X600 Screen resolution for Graphics.

Internet: Internet is required to update your Windows 12 from Windows 11.

In Pakistan, you can get Windows 12 from Market like Hafeez Center, Hall Road


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