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Hot 8 Infinix Price in Pakistan with Full Specification

Hot 8 Infinix Price in Pakistan: About 20 Years ago there was a time when only a few houses have telephone systems at their homes. A single telephone with a cord between its receiver and dial. Everybody uses that telephone to stay in contact with their loved ones. But at this time everybody has their own mobile phone in their hands. There is a competition between everyone for the latest mobile models keeping in view every mobile phone company launches a new model of mobile every year.

People eagerly wait for the new launch of mobile phones. Recently a new mobile of Infinix is going to launch in Pakistan and everybody wants to know about the price of this modern and latest mobile. Here we are going to tell our viewers about the price of Hot 8 Infinix price in Pakistan.

Hot 8 Infinix Price

This latest model of mobile Hot 8 Infinix in Pakistan is the topic of hot research. everyone wants to know the price of this mobile. Due to some references, it is known that the price of this Hot 8 is about 15,999 Pkr only. This mobile is available nationwide and everywhere in Pakistan. This mobile with varying prices is available at different online sites and nationwide delivery is available. Each new model is launched with some modification in it. Let’s have a view of the new modification in this hot 8 new model.

Latest modifications in HOT 8 Infinix

There are made several latest modifications  in this new model of mobile such as;

1. Available in 4 different colors grey, cosmic black, purple, and cyan
2. 15 Megapixels dual camera
3. Increased Storage capacity 
5. Long-lasting battery
6. Large display screen
7. Available in different storage capacities.

Variable Price In Different Areas

Although the price of the mobile is around 15,999pkr a few variations are present. At some places, it was available in 16,999pkr or 17,999 PKR. There are different rates on online websites.


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