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Cement Rate Today in Pakistan May 2024

Are you looking for a cement rate today in Pakistan?? We are here to provide you with all the information about the prices of cement. Just have a look at the article.

Cement Rate Today May 2024

As the price of everything in Pakistan is increasing day by day, Cement prices are also increasing. For the construction of houses, offices and any other building people use cement and other materials. So cement is now one of the important things in the construction of buildings. Prices of cement are different for different areas. Here we will share all the information. Just keep scrolling.

Companies of Cement:

There are different companies of cement in Pakistan. Different companies have different prices. Companies in Pakistan are as follows:

  •  Best Way Cement
  •  Pakcem Cement
  •  DG Khan Cement
  •  Lucky Cement
  •  Kohat Cement
  •  Cherat Cement
  • Maple Leaf Cement
  • Power cement
  • Askari cement
  •  Pioneer Cement
  •  Paidar Cement
  •  Falcon Cement
  •  Flaying Pakistan

Prices of cement in these companies:

  •  Askari cement Rate                               RS. 1,195-1,200
  •  Pioneer Cement Rate                             RS. 1,190-1,195
  •  Paidar Cement Rate                               RS. 1,185-1,190
  •  Falcon Cement Rate                               RS. 1,190-1,195
  •  Flaying Pakistan Rate                             RS. 1,165-1,170
  • Bestway Cement Rate                             RS. 1,200-1,205
  • Pakcem Cement Rate                              RS. 1,205-1,210
  •  DG Khan Cement Rate                            RS. 1,200-1,205
  •  Fauji Cement Rate                                  RS. 1,195-1,200
  • Lucky Cement Rate                                  RS. 1,190-1,195
  •  Kohat Cement Rate                                 RS. 1,190-1,195
  • Cherat Cement Rate                                 RS. 1,185-1,190
  •  Maple Leaf Cement Rate                          RS. 1,210-1,215
  •  Power cement Rate                                 RS. 1,190-1,195


Some preventive measures for to use of cement are as follows:

  • It loses strength if we store it for a long time. So don’t store it for a long time.
  • Keep cement in a dry place.
  • Be careful during transportation.

So this is all about the cement rate today in Pakistan. If you want to know about the rates of more things they are available at our site.

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