GM Cable 7/29 Price in Pakistan today

GM Cable 7/29 price in Pakistan today

GM Cable 7/29 Price in Pakistan today: The infrastructure development industry is a crucial need for every country. Similarly, in Pakistan’s construction industry, the demand for reliable electrical equipment remains on top. One of the main electrical types of equipment; GM Cable 7/29 maintains a significant position for its long-term promise of durability and versatility. Let’s see the price of GM Cable 7/29 as of today in Pakistan.

GM Cable 7/29 Price in Pakistan today

GM Cable 7/29 Pure Copper wire, known for its efficiency and durability. Each of the GM Cable 7/29 wires is composed of 7 stands, with each strand further containing 29 smaller wires. This placement of wires makes it very flexible and increases its ability to conduct electricity, the perfect choice for a wide variety of electrical installations.

In Pakistan, the price of GM cable 7/29 pure copper wire fluctuates a lot. Mostly it depends upon the political situation, import and export rates, raw materials costs, and demand in the market. Depending upon the required gauge and length of wire, the price of GM cable 7/29 varies as well.

As in today’s market; the price of a 100-meter coil of 1.5mm GM cable 7/29 ranges between PKR 8000 to 9,500. Similarly, a 100-meter coil of 2.5mm GM cable 7/29 pure copper wire ranges around PKR, 13,000 to 15,000. These prices vary depending on the different regions of Pakistan and the supplier selling them.

Consumers and contractors should compare prices from various retailers, so they get to know about different rates and quality of these wires. Retailers at are selling 90-meter coils of GM cable 7/29 pure copper CU/PVC 250/440 V starting from PKR 10,370. At Darak. pk the price for a 90-meter coil of 2.5mm GM cable 7/29 is PKR 16,900. Staying informed about market updates helps in making informed purchases and saves you from scams.


In conclusion, the price of GM Cables 7/29 Pure Copper in Pakistan today may vary depending on several factors like Dollar value, import-export rates, and retailers. With the increasing trends of infrastructure development and safety standards in Pakistan, the demand for good quality electrical equipment is ever-growing. GM cables have maintained their name with incomparable quality, standard, and durability perfect for domestic and market use.