Best Child seat Belt in Pakistan 2024 Review

Best Child seat Belt in Pakistan 2022 Review

Child seat Belt in Pakistan: When it comes to a child car seat, there are many important aspects to consider. For example, a distinction is made between integral variants with harness belts and non-integral models from different brands, in which the child is secured by the belt in the car. As numerous child seat tests by ADAC or Stiftung Warentest have shown, correct handling and installation are immensely important aspects in order to offer children a high level of safety.

Modern child seats are broken down into standard groups according to different age groups and based on weight and age, which will give you a good guide when searching. Some manufacturers offer child seats for 9 – 36 kilos, with others the weight range is lower. In the following purchase advice 2024 from COMPUTER BILD, find out which seating direction is recommended and what role side impact protection plays in the safety concept.

Best Child seat Belt in Pakistan

Child seat category Characteristics
Child seat class 0+
  • Designed for a body weight of up to approx. 10 kg
  • Corresponds to an age from birth to approx. 1.5 years
  • Recommended as a rear-facing child seat
Child seat class 1
  • for children from 9 – 18 kg
  • from 8 months to approx. 4 year
  • should be used against the direction of travel up to the age of 2
The Child seat class 2
  •  for children from 15 – 25 kg
  •  from approx. 3.5 to 7 years
  •  optionally in or against the direction of travel, depending on body weight
Child seat class 3
  • for children from 22 – 36 kg
  • from 6 years to approx. 12 years
  • can be used in the direction of travel without any problems, which also meets the needs of the child


Features of Child Seat Belt

While a child seat weighing 9 – 18 kg can clearly be assigned to class 1, the limits in the construction of other models are fluid, as the two following examples show:

  • A child seat from 15 – 36 kg is assigned to classes 2 and 3
  • A child seat from 9 – 36 kg can be used across classes 1, 2 and 3

Group 0 child seats are mostly baby seats that stand out due to their curved shape. Equipped with a carrying handle, you can easily carry the sleeping baby from the car to the apartment or go shopping. A typical example of this is child seats from Maxi Cosi.

As far as the attachment, also known as the seat belt system, is concerned, it is ideally a child seat with the Isofix system. In this case, the vehicle must be equipped with Isofix attachment points so that a firm connection can be established.

In the second case, for example, a child seat from 3 years of age is secured via the belt system of the respective seat and the child itself is strapped into the seat again with belts, if available.

Non-integral models can also be used for children from the age of 4, as there is more freedom of movement while driving.

3.3. The side impact protection

Also known as a side airbag, side-impact protection increases your child’s safety. Integrated on both sides in such a way that freedom of movement in the child seat is retained, lateral forces are absorbed by air escaping through the valves. This feature further reduces the risk of injury.

3.4. The booster seat and its properties

Whether the booster seat is suitable as a cheap child seat alternative is controversial, but the offer is quite extensive, which is why the properties are listed below at COMPUTER BILD: