Sarya Rates in Pakistan today 60, 80 Grade

sarya rates in Pakistan

Are you looking for Sarya rates in Pakistan??? We are here to vanish all your problems regarding sarya rates in Pakistan. Just have a look at this article. The latest price of sarya is as follows:

Sarya rates in Pakistan

Sarya is also called an Iron rod and it is used for the construction of houses and buildings. Different sizes of Sarya are available in Pakistan as Sutar or millimeter. The global market affects Sarya price in Pakistan. Pakistan Steel Mills which is also called PSM determines the steel price in Pakistan.

sarya rates in Pakistan

It is generally sold per kg or rate per metric ton and rate as of 1 steel iron rod. 1 ton of Sarya is equal to 1,000 Kgs. Price of steel is increasing in Pakistan. Its reason is the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar.

Sarya companies in Pakistan:

The major steel or Sarya companies in Pakistan are as follows:

1- Pakistan steel mill

2- Ittehad Steel

3- Mughal Steel

4- Amreli Steel

5- Ittefaq Steel

6- Kamran Steel

7- AF Steel

8- FF Steel

9- Al Haj Asia Star Steel

Sarya rates in different cities of Pakistan:

There are 2 types of grades.

1- 60 grade

2- 80 grade

60-grade rate per kg:

Multan                    Rs.233

Karachi                   Rs.230

Lahore                    Rs.235

Faisalabad               Rs.233

Islamabad               Rs.235

Peshawar                 Rs.230

Gujranwala              Rs.230

80-grade rate per kg:

Multan                   Rs.248

Karachi                  Rs.242

Lahore                   Rs.241

Faisalabad              Rs.240

Islamabad              Rs.250

Peshawar                Rs.240

Gujranwala              Rs.248

Sarya rates per KG in Pakistan:

3 Sutar                    Rs.258

4 Sutar                    Rs.256

5 Sutar                    Rs.256

6 Sutar                    Rs.256

7 Sutar                    Rs.256

8 Sutar                    Rs.256

Sarya price per metric ton in Pakistan:

3 Sutar                    Rs.258,000

4 Sutar                    Rs.256,000

5 Sutar                    Rs.256,000

6 Sutar                    Rs.256,000

7 Sutar                    Rs.256,000

8 Sutar                    Rs.256,000

Average Sarya price:

The average price of Major Brands like  Amreli, Ittehad, Ittefaq, Mughal, and Kamran Steel is PKR 273 to PKR 275 per kilogram.

Factors affecting steel prices in Pakistan:

Factors that affect steel prices in Pakistan  are:

1- Cost of raw materials

2- Cost of production

3- Demand for steel in the country

4- Global market

So this is all about Sarya rates in Pakistan. We have provided all the rates of steel and the factors that affect the price of Sarya.

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