Best Places to Visit in Bahawalpur in Night


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Best Places to Visit in Bahawalpur in Night: Bahawalpur, the city of palaces, is a city that is drenched in history and rich in culture. The town transforms into a fantastic wonder during the night. The city provides the best places to visit in Bahawalpur at night in Pakistan. Let’s check out the wonders of Bahawalpur through our lens.

6 Best Places to Visit in Bahawalpur in Night

Noor Mahal

Noor Mahal, a splendid palace, is the pride of Bahawalpur. Please take a tour during the nighttime to see this palace decorated against the night sky and enjoy the fine details it has to offer.

Bahawalpur Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of Bahawalpur is the iconic landmark of the city. Visit the city’s heritage bathed in lights and enjoy the vibrant buzz in its surrounding area.

Sadiq Garh Palace

The Sadiq Garh Palace has beautiful lawns and is a perfect place to enjoy strolls at night. Stunning lights embrace it, and visitors can enjoy its detailed architecture.

Gulzar Mahal Park

Gulzar Mahal Park is a popular tourist spot, and one can admire the beauty of its gardens by walking in the night sky. The visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find peace in the soft and beautifully lit Gulzar Mahal Park.

Derawar Fort

Derawar Fort is a massive structure made up of clay walls that are visible from quite afar.
The fort lights up beautifully at night, and tourists can admire its magnificence against the starry night sky. The fort transports the visitors back in time, leaving them spellbound with its grandeur.

Local Bazaars

The local bazaars of Bahawalpur have a very vibrant energy and are always busy. Enjoy the local street food from different vendors, or shop from the local artisans selling their craft. Bahawalpur is famous for pottery and embroidery, and the local bazaars have much to offer.

Bahawalpur transforms into splendour after dusk; whether you want to experience the royal magnificence, visit the serene and beautiful parks, or visit the local markets to enjoy the lively vibes, the city has something for everyone.


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