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Top 10 Mountain Areas in Pakistan To Visit 2024

Mountain areas in Pakistan: Pakistan is a country that has beautiful scenery to die for. Many hilly and mountainous areas are preset in Pakistan to visit. It is also a tourism country. a lot of tourists visit Pakistan for the hilly areas. The natural beauty, great mountain hills, sky covered with clouds that can be touched and pass through, Vast spread greenery, the falling waters the hidden valleys all are the blessing of Allah almighty.

In Pakistan, people are blessed with all of these blessings. Pakistan is a country worth visiting. So here we are going to tell you about some hilly mountainous areas to visit in Pakistan with your family in 2024.

Mountainous Places to visit in Pakistan 2024

The province of Khyber Pakhtun khan is as beautiful and heart taking as the fairy tales world. This place is never gone from your heart if you visit it once. The enchanting wonderland of natural beauty is far more beautiful than the western countries. All of these places in Pakistan to visit for natural beauty. The peaceful environment the changing weather and the calmness of this area will leave you wondering. The main tourism area in Pakistan is the kHyber Pakhtun Kha. The area ahead of this is the paradise on earth. here are some of the mountainous areas of Pakistan worth visiting.

Top 10 Mountain areas in Pakistan 2024

Some of the very famous mountain and hilly areas in Pakistan to visit with your family areas.

1. Hunza valley
2. Naran Valley
3. Kaghan
4. Swat valley
5. Mushkpuri top
6. Shogran valley
7. Khunjerab pass
8. Gorakh valley
9. Margala Hills
10. Fairy meadows

These are some of the best mountain places to visit in Pakistan with your family.

1. Hunza Valley Mountain areas in Pakistan

The heaven on Earth. This valley has the title of heaven on Earth. As it is the most beautiful place on the Earth. This valley has the Passu cones, Abbottabad lake, and many more places to visit. This is not only the valley but it is s district with several small villages and some valleys that associates with Hunza Valley.

2. Naran Valley

In Pakistan, this valley is very famous for tourism and also a place to visit with the family. Its associated valleys are also very beautiful. The most known valley with the Naran Valley is the Kaghan Valley.

3. Kagahn valley

Both the Naran and Kaghan valleys attract tourists through their beautiful scenery. The sky-high mountains and the flowing water and natural beauty.

4. Swat valley

Swat is a city of very famous tourist points. The weather and the environment of this valley are like paradise.

5. Mushkpori Top Mountain areas in Pakistan

The top mountains are covered with snow, and The falling snow, and the frozen glaciers are all about this top known as Muskhpuri top.

6. Shogran valley

Another beautiful and heart taking the land of Pakistan. This place has the most beautiful scenery to watch with your family.

7. Khunjarab pass Mountain areas in Pakistan

The highest mountain pass filled with snow that passes by connects Pakistan with China. The most top border of the world. Around this border, hilly areas and hiking places made this border a tourist point.

8. Gorakh valley

This is the area of hills within the desert. The most attractive tourism point. Some hiking areas and the beautiful top view of southern Punjab is its specialty.

9. Margala Hills

The capital of Pakistan has a vast spread area of mountains the Margala hills. This area gives a view of the whole city and the famous mosque of Islamabad.

10. Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is one of the stunning points of tourism. The journey in the jeep on the most twisted roads of the area is the most adventurous journey.

These are the top 10 most beautiful places in Pakistan to visit with your family.


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