Aadi Khan Biography, Age, Education, Family

Aadi Khan Biography

Aadi Khan Biography: Aadi khan is getting very famous. He is playing a very famous role in the recent drama serial ” Chupke Chupke”. This play is very famous during the month of Ramadan in 2021. This child actor has played many famous roles in different drama serials and got his fame from his very recent drama serial in 2021. His fan following is increasing day by day and people are loving his acting skills. His viewers and fans want to know about the personal and professional life of this very famous child actor Aadi khan.

Here we are going to tell our viewers about the complete information about this rising star. Aadi khan is a famous child actor and his recent drama serial is also the very super hit drama serial. Due to his fame and popularity, he is recently doing his drama serial with very popular celebrities like AYEZA KHAN and OSMAN KHALID BUTT.

Aadi khan Biography

Here is the complete detail and information about this emerging talent. The information of his biography, age, education, family, and career are given below.

Aadi khan Age

Aadi khan’s exact date of birth is not known by he was born in 2002. He is 19 years old and full of talent. 

Aadi khan Education

Aadi khan is doing his A levels. And further wants to do this graduation from some of the very famous universities in London.


Aadi khan’s family is very supportive of him and his other siblings. He has one brother who is also a very child actor and also won the award for the best child actor. His brother won the ARY people’s choice award for the favorite child actor. This very famous child actor is the SAMI KHAN. Sami Khan is famous for the role of DJ in Suno Chanda. Aadi khan has two siblings who are also working in the Pakistani drama industry as child artists. 


He is doing acting since he was 7. As a child actor, he is very famous and he works as a child artist in different drama serials. Some of these drama serials are also very famous.


Aadi Khan started his career with tv commercials in the Pakistan industry. He has worked in many tv Commercials. Due to his popularity and his acting skills, he got the roles and then worked in many famous tv serials. Here is the complete list of his dramas as a child artists. His very recent drama serial and Ramadan play ” CHUPKE CHUPKE” is one of the very famous dramas in 2021. He got fame due to this drama serial in which he is playing the role of the cousin brother of the very famous AYEZA KHAN. He is doing this project with many famous celebrities like OSMAN KHALID BUTT, AYMEN SALEEM, ARSALAN NASEER. He is also working on many other projects and will soon be seen on different tv channels.

Aadi khan Hobbies

Aadi Kahn loves motorcycles and heavy bikes. He wants to be a bike rider. But besides his showbiz career, he also wants to complete his higher studies and he will take his talent of acting and display this talent on different platforms.