Dolly Fashion Icon Biography, Age, Profession, Husband

Dolly Fashion

Dolly Fashion icon Biography: Dolly is a very famous and known celebrity on social media. She is getting popular day by day. Her fame is not hidden from anyone in social media applications. She also came to many morning shows for the interviews and in this way she is getting popular every day. Here we are going to tell the viewers the interesting facts and features about dolly the fashion icon.

Dolly Fashion Icon Biography

Dolly gained her popularity from the social media app Tik Tok. Her followers is in millions. Many people follow her on her Tik Tok account. Her account is now officially approved. She is a famous star of social media. Now she started working in many commercials and short drama stories.

Dolly fashion icon Age

There are many rumors about her age. No one exactly knows about her age. Some websites mentioned her date of birth as 16 august 1991 and some websites mention it as 26 august 1995 but no one exactly knows how old she is. According to this information she is around 26 or 29 years old. But according to some sources she is 30+.

Dolly fashion icon Horoscope

She belongs to the zodiac, Leo.

Dolly fashion Icon husband

She is not married yet. She is still single.

Dolly fashion icon Address

She lives in Lahore. Her salon is located in MM Alam Road Gulberg III  Lahore.


She is not only the tik tock start but also a fashion designer, A fashion model, An Instagram sensation, A make artist, and also a model of many popular brands. Dolly fashion icon is also a brand ambassador of some makeup brands. She owns a makeup salon in Lahore. Many females from all over Pakistan came to her salon for her beauty and hair treatment. She is earning a lot from her social media apps and from its famous salon. Now she started working as a model in many abroad countries.

Dolly fashion icon Education 

She completed her bachelor’s degree in fashion management.


She is also getting a huge fan following on social media picture sharing application known as Instagram.


She started working and acting in many videos of songs. Several producers are giving her chances for acting in songs. Recently her new song video is released.

Dolly signature salon Location Area

She owns a famous salon named dolly signature salon located in MM Alam Road Gulberg III Lahore. Her female fans came from remote areas for her signature services. It becomes a dream of many girls to do her bridal makeover from dolly signature salon. She arranges makeup learning events where she teaches many makeup beauticians how to do her signature makeover. Many people invite her as special guests at their functions. Her clients take special appointments for her signature services from all over Pakistan.

Brand Ambassador

Dolly is also a model and walks on-ramp for many brands. She is a show stopper. Dolly is the brand ambassador of many fashion designers.


Dolly receives many awards for her performance in the fashion and makeup industry. She is becoming a personality of big fame.