Sonia Mishal Biography, Age, Education, Husband


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Sonia Mishal Biography: Sonia Mishal is a very talented actress in the Pakistani drama industry. Throughout her career in the Pakistani drama industry, she remains very popular due to her roles and characters in these drama serials. But now she gained much of the popularity through her recent drama serial that is airing on the ARY digital. This drama is aging much popularity due to e different and unique topic. That is why the actress is aging much popularity from this drama serial. their fans and followers want to know about his talented actress. they want to know about her personal and professional life.

Here we are going to tell you some of the very interesting facts about this actress. This website will give you all the basic and necessary information about all the stars.

Sonia Mishal Biography

Here is the complete information about this actress about the age, education, Husband, and career of this actress.

Sonia Mishal Age

The exact date of birth is the 8th of January 1988. She is 33 years old. Her age has nothing to do with her charming looks and personality.


She belongs to the CAPRICORN zodiac sign.

Sonia Mishal Education

Sonia Mishal is very dedicated to her education career and to her studies. She is very keen on her education. she completed her school level at a famous school in Qatar. But then She moved to Pakistan and here she completed her higher studies.


Sonia Mishal’s family is very supportive of her. Her parents always stood behind her to support her throughout her life. That is why she became successful with the support of her parents. Her siblings and family loves her so much.

Sonia Mishal Husband

Sonia Mishal husband name is Saad on 12 February 2022 and she share her husband pictures on Instagram.

Sonia Mishal Nikah Pictures

Sonia Mishal Nikah Pictures

Sonia Mishal Nikah Pictures

Sonia Mishal Nikah Pictures


Her career is getting very good day by day. She is now appearing in many drama serials in different roles. Due to her acting skills and her charming looks, she is getting the hearts of the people. She started her career from Tv commercials. She worked in many of the tv commercials in the Pakistan industry. After she gets to know about her talent and acting skills she wants to work in the Pakistani drama industry. She became very famous for her charming role in the drama serial ” RANGREZA”. She gained much popularity from this drama serial. And after her huge success in this drama serial, she is getting new proposals and projects from the Pakistani drama industry. And now she is one of the talented and top actresses of this industry.

Sonia Mishal Drama list

As she has worked on many different projects on different tv channels. here we are going to tell you about some of the top drama serials of this beautiful and talented actress.

  1. Rangreza
  2. Neeli Zinda Hai
  3. Mera kia qasoor the
  4. Mehar aur Meharban
  5. Farz
  6. Piya Bedardi

These are some of the very famous drama serials of this young and talented actress.


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