Assistant Professor Zoology Jobs In Pakistan in 2021


Assistant Professor Zoology Jobs in Pakistan: After the study of bachelors and doctorate. It is the demand of every candidate to get a healthy job and to earn a handsome salary. For this purpose, everyone is in hurry to avail the opportunities provided by the government institutes.  And several other private universities and departments. Here we are going to tell you about the assistant professor jobs in Pakistan.

Assistant Professor jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan teaching is considered a very sacred profession. There are jobs of high ranks in the profession of teaching. Those who want to secure their career in the profession of teaching have to avail the job opportunities provided by the government. A job of high rank of BPS-19 is available.

For the candidates who studied the degree of zoology as the major subjects. These are high ranks jobs in Pakistan and there is a use of special criteria to select the candidates for this rank.

The assistant professor jobs are available in every field of specialization. And these jobs of assistant professor zoology are also awarded to the applicants.

Eligibility for assistant professor jobs

Education of 18 years or the equivalent is compulsory for applying to the jobs of assistant professor in Pakistan. Moreover, the candidates having a Ph.D. degree in zoology also apply for this job as an assistant professor.

Salary Of Assistant Professor

A package of the full salary of an assistant professor is from 1 lac to 2 lac per month in all universities of Pakistan.

Criteria to apply for the assistant professor jobs

There are criteria for applying for the assistant professor jobs in Pakistan. A test of PPSC ( Pakistan public service commission) is in process to select the candidates for the job of assistant professor in Pakistan.

After the completion of the test system, the passing candidates receive a call for the interview. Then those candidates who pass the interview there is a making of aver all merit lists of the passing students. There is a selection of all those candidates who qualify all of these criteria for the job of assistant professor.

In Pakistan, the jobs of assistant professor are available in every government universities and colleges of BPS-19. The providing of vacant seats are for the candidates who qualify for the test and interview.