Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Gujarat 2024

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Gujarat 2021

Best Medical colleges in Gujarat: Gujarat is a very famous city in Punjab Pakistan. There are several educational institutes in Gujarat. These educational institutes are providing better education and career opportunities to all the students of Gujarat. Many students from remote areas also came here to secure their admission to educational institutes in Gujarat. The medical colleges are also located in Gujarat city. Here we are going to tell you about 5 famous medical colleges in Gujarat.

Top Medical Colleges in Gujarat

There are many educational institutes but Gujarat but the number of medical colleges is not very high. There are only 4 medical colleges in Gujarat. But the private and public sector colleges are somehow different. There is only 1 public sector government medical college in Gujarat that has its affiliation with the UHS university of health sciences. The other medical colleges are private sector medical colleges. These colleges are serving their best opportunities for the students and the citizens of Gujarat.

The medical colleges in Gujarat are1. Hashmat medical and dental college Gujarat:

1. Nawaz sharif medical college Gujarat
2. Gujarat homeopathic medical college
3. Bint-e-Imam medical college Gujarat

These are some of the famous medical colleges present in Gujarat.

Hashmat medical and dental college Gujarat

Hashmat medical and dental college Gujarat is one of the famous private sector medical colleges in Gujarat. The MBBS degree is offered in Gujarat city in the HASHMAT medical college. There is also an affiliation of dental college known as HASHMAT dental college Gujarat. The seats in these medical colleges are very less. Students must apply for these medical colleges as soon as possible to secure their admission.

Fee structure of Hashmat medical college Gujarat

As it is a private-sector medical college its annual fee is very high. They charge lacs of money per annum. Their hostel accommodation charges are also very high.
Facilities Provided By the Hashmat medical and dental college
They provide a large number of facilities to their students such as vast air-conditioned lecture halls, Library facilities, Hostel accommodations, and a natural environment.

Nawaz Sharif Medical College Gujarat

Nawaz sharif medical college is a public sector medical college. To meet the demands and criteria of education in the city of Gujarat. Nawaz sharif established a medical college by his name. This medical college is inaugurated in September 2008. this medical college is in accordance with the University of Gujarat and they share the quadrats.
Several modifications are going to be made in this medical college. As they are thinking to start the classes of BDS bachelor of dentistry, DPT doctor of physical therapy, and Pharm.D along with the MBBS degrees. This is actually a very huge step for development.

They provide very modern and useful facilities for their students. And many students are graduating from this institute every year.

How to apply in Nawaz Sharif Medical College

You can apply to Nawaz sharif medical college through the UHS. as UHS conducts an entry test every year and bypassing this entry test you can get admission to this medical college.

Gujarat Homeopathic College

Homeopathic medical college of Gujarat is the college for homeopathy study of medicine. Here the methods of treatment are performed homeopathically. This institute is a private sector medical college in Gujarat. Every year a lot of students take admission in this medical college for homeopathy study.

Bint-e-Imam Medical college Gujarat

It is the medical college for females only. The first medical college in Gujarat for only females. Basically, this is also a private-sector medical college. they are providing a lot of facilities to their students. This medical college is located at Jalal Pur Jattan road Gujarat. You can apply to this medical college through their official website or by directly contacting them.