Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi 2024

Top 5 Best Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi 2021

Best Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi: When it comes to educational career and study, Everyone wants to be a doctor. Medical is considered a very sacred profession. Everyone wants to be a doctor in his life. And wants to adopt medicine as a profession. There are institutes that shape up a doctor and any other artist of life. In Pakistan, there are medical institutes in every city for a better life for citizens who ensure better health facilities. Here we are going to tell you about some famous medical colleges in Rawalpindi.

Best Medical Colleges in Rawalpindi 2024

Rawalpindi is a famous city in Pakistan all it also has some other specialties. But in the field of education, it is also a very important city. It has some of importance because it is the neighbor of the capital Islamabad. Some of their institutes are combined and share their facilities with each other. There are established many public and private medical colleges in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Here we are going to view some of the famous top 5 medical colleges in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Top 5 medical colleges in Rawalpindi in 2024

there is a list of some famous and top 5 medical colleges in Rawalpindi. The name of these colleges is as follows.

1. Rawalpindi Medical University
2. Islamic International Medical College
3. Army Medical College
4. Yusra medical and dental college Islamabad
5. Rawalpindi Medical University new teaching block

These are some of the famous medical institutes in the city of Rawalpindi.

1. Rawalpindi Medical University

This medical university is a public-sector university. The medical-related programs are offered in this institute. The Rawalpindi Medical University is located in Tipu Rd Chamanzar colony, Rawalpindi Punjab 46000. The Rawalpindi Medical College has its affiliation with 3 of the public sector hospitals for the different graduations. They have a teaching staff for undergraduate and postgraduate candidates. This is a world-class university and has high facilities in the medical industry. Therefore it is considered one of the top medical universities in Rawalpindi.

How to get admission to Rawalpindi Medical University

Rawalpindi medical university is affiliation with the UHS University of health sciences. After the entry test conducted by the University of Health Sciences, the merit list is made. On the basis of this merit list, you can get admission to the Rawalpindi Medical University.

2. Islamic internatioanl Medical univerity

This is the private-sector medical university in Rawalpindi. This is one of the top 5 medical colleges in Rawalpindi. The medical facilities provided by the Islamic International University is quite fascinating. They provide vast hostel accommodation to both boys and girls. They have full air-conditioned rooms. There are playgrounds and full greenery for the health and fitness of the students. The hostel mess facilities are also very good. The presence of a library, museum, and auditorium is helpful to the candidates.
Fee structure of Islamic International University Rawalpindi

As it is a private-sector medical university the fee structure of this university is very high. The students can get admission to this university through its affiliation with the University of Health Sciences.

3. Army Medical College

Army Medical College is one of the famous medical colleges throughout Pakistan. This is the only college of army doctors. This college is under the influence of the Army. The facilities and every other maintenance activity are under the hold of the army. The main motive of this institute is the nourishment of The nurses and army doctors. The conduction of a separate entrance test is to test the abilities of the students for admission to this medical institute. This medical university has its ranking in the top 5 medical universities in Pakistan.

4. Yusra medical and dental college

This is the private sector medical college located in Islamabad. The year 2010 is the founding year of Yusra medical and Dental College. It has an affiliation with two hospitals. Pakistan Medical Commission and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are affiliating with this medical university. The total number of graduates every year from this university is around 500. So every year 500 graduates study at this private-sector medical university.

5. Rawalpindi Medical University new teaching block

The establishment of a new teaching block with the affiliation of Rawalpindi Medical University. In this new block, a new setup is developing for the welfare and facility of the students. Rawalpindi Medical University’s new teaching block is famous for its medical activities and projects.