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CSS Exam subjects with Syllabus 2024

CSS Exam subjects with Syllabus: CSS exam conducts every in Pakistan on a national level. CSS Syllabus 2024 has been released by the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC for all students who intend to sit for the competitive examination. 

Guidelines for the Exam

1. The 200-point subjects will each have two 100-mark papers. There will only be one paper on the remaining subjects. There will be three hours for each paper. As well as The compulsory and optional papers may contain some objective-type questions (MCQs) except for the Essay, Applied Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics exams.

2. Question Papers in Urdu or other regional languages of Pakistan (Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, and Balochi), Persian, and Arabic should be answered in those languages. In any case, questions that pertain to translation from one language to another or vice versa must be answered according to instructions on the question paper. 

CSS Exam subjects with Syllabus

3. Non-Muslims can choose between Islamic Studies and Comparative Study of Major Religions.

4. A candidate cannot take the remaining examination papers if he or she fails to present in any of the compulsory or optional subjects.

5. A total of 120 points out of 300 is required for each of the three General Knowledge papers (GK-I, GK-II, and GK-III).

The following syllabus is for CSS 2024 and onward.

The CSS Exam consists of six compulsory subjects worth 600 marks

1.100 marks for English Essay

2. English (precis and composition) 100 

3. G Science and Ability: 100

  1. 100 marks in Current Affairs

5 Pakistan Affairs 100 marks

  1. Studies of Islam or Studies of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100 marks

Optional CSS Exam Subjects:

Subjects that are optional are curricular options. Students may select different optional subjects to enhance their education. Their worth can be calculated by their examination scores. So, it is called “Selective Subjects” or “Offered Subjects.”

Group – I

Accounting & Auditing 200

ECO 200

CS 200

Pol Sci 200

IR 200

II Group

Phys 200

CHEM 200

Maths 100: Applied Mathematics

Pure Mathematics 100

Statistics 100

Geology 100

-III Group

Business Administration:100

Public Administration:100 marks

Governance & Public Policies:100

Town Planning & Urban Management:100

-IV Group

Pakistan and India’s History: 100

Islamic History and Culture: 100

British History: 100

European History: 100

American History: 100

-V Group

Gender Studies:100

Environmental Sciences: 100 marks

Agriculture and Forestry: 100 marks

Botany: 100 marks

Zoology: 100 marks

English Literature:100 marks

Urdu Literature: 100 marks

-VI Group CSS Exam

Law:100 marks

Constitutional Law: 100 marks

international law:100 marks

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence:100 marks

Mercantile Law:100 marks

Criminology: 100 marks

Philosophy:100 marks

-VII Group CSS Exam

Journalism & Mass Communication: 100

Psychology: 100

Geography: 100

Sociology: 100

Anthropology: 100

Punjabi: 100

Sindhi: 100

Pashto: 100

Balochi: 100

Arabic: 100


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