CSS 2024 syllabus in Pakistan


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If you are looking for a CSS-updated syllabus in Pakistan 2024 then you are at the right place. In this article, we provide you CSS 2024 exam syllabus in Pakistan.

CSS 2024 syllabus

Modules for the Government Public Assistance Commission CSS prospectus 2024 can be separated into two classes: obligatory and discretionary. The understudy ought to pass these two modules to be qualified for a meeting.

Marks distribution

The CSS is the most serious test in Pakistan, with a conquest step of under 1%. The complete imprints for the composed assessment are 1700, of which 850 marks are for the obligatory papers and 850 imprints are for the discretionary papers. The breeze-through marks for the composed assessment are 60% for the necessary papers and half for the discretionary papers.

CSS Syllabus

The composed test for the CSS comprises 12 papers, of which 6 are mandatory and 6 are discretionary. Up-and-comers can’t avoid the obligatory subjects or pick them at their own will.


You have 2 papers of 100 marks for each subject which carry 200 marks. In other subjects of 100 marks, there will be one paper. The timing of each paper will be 3 hours. The student should solve some of MCq’s objective-type questions in compulsory and optional papers.

Compulsory subject syllabus

English composition and precise

Mcqs about synonyms

Prepositions mcqs

Antonyms  MC q’s

Idioms and phrases and secures

Objectives about active and passive Voice.

Direct and indirect speech mcqs

Objective about fill in the blanks

Islamic studies

Holly Quran MCqS

Pakistan current affairs

Objectives about current affairs

International relationship mcqs

Mcqs about Pakistan’s current affairs.

General science and ability mcqs

General ability MCQS

Logical reasoning number series

Objective about biology

Objectives about chemistry

Geography MCqs

Geology MCqS

Aptitude MCQS

Optional subject syllabus

CSS group 1  MCQs



Political science

International relation

Auditing and accountancy

CSS  group 2






Group 3

Business administration

Public administration

Town planning and urban management

Group 4

History of Pakistan

Islamic history and culture

British and European history

Group 5


Agriculture and forestry

Environmental science

Gender science

English literature

This is all about the exam syllabus of CSS 2024 in Pakistan


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