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Poland work visa from Pakistan 2024

If you want to go to Poland on a Pakistan work visa, do not fear. We provide you with all the information about Poland’s work visa. In the article, you will be able to know all the information that you need to know about Poland’s work visa from Pakistan in 2024.

Poland work visa from Pakistan

Following are some basic requirements and information

Desires for Poland work visa 2024

You have to fulfill the following requirements, when you are applying for visa:

A finished application structure

Evidence of the paid application charges

Current records of the business’s financial action

Evidence of candidates’ medical coverage

A deed for the organization

Duplicates with significant travel data on the candidate’s visa pages

A duplicate of an assertion in regard to benefits or misfortunes supported by the business

Affirmation and proof of the lawful status of the business from the Public Court Register

A duplicate of an agreement following the help being given in Poland

Types of Work Permits in Poland

The work license is useable for just a single work, and you can utilize it to perform just those undertakings referenced in your application structure. If you are evolving vocations, you should apply for another work permit.

Poland has these types of work permit visa

Type A – If you find work because of a business contract or common regulation agreement with a business with an office enlisted in Poland. This is the most renowned work grant.

Type B – This work license is legitimate on the off chance that you are a board part living in Poland for an all-out period surpassing a half year inside 12 resulting months.

Type C– You are qualified for this visa if an unfamiliar business briefly sends you to work in trade administration. The unfamiliar boss should not have a branch or auxiliary in Poland.

Type D – You can apply for this visa assuming you take up business-related undertakings that don’t fall into the over four classifications.

Required Documents

Visa application form

Valid passport

Your colored photos

Proof of accommodation.

The copied and original version of the work permit

Employment letter

Proof of Health Insurance

So, this is all about the Poland work visa from Pakistan in 2024.


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