Government Jobs After MSC. Zoology in Pakistan

Government Jobs After MSC. Zoology in Pakistan

Government Jobs After MSC: Zoology is the branch of biology and it is the study of animals. These studies refer to the development and management of animals and also include the preservation of wildlife animals. The aspirants who study Zoology as their professional career have many opportunities of getting jobs in different fields. Here we are going to tell which jobs are available for those students who have done masters in zoology.

Government Jobs After MSC. Zoology in Pakistan

This is one of the fields of biology which is in high demand. Zoology being the study of animals is highly recommended and choose. There are many opportunities for the students after MSc in zoology. Zoology is not a single subject there are many other sub-subjects in just the degree of zoology that are known as sub-branches of zoology. theses subjects have different specialization of different fields, such as;

1. Entomology
2. Physiology
3. fisheries
4. Microbiology

These are the different specializations of single-subject zoology and the jobs are related to them. Here we are going to tell you about jobs related to the masters of zoology in Pakistan.

Jobs in Pakistan after MSc zoology

There are several job opportunities for those who have done their bachelor’s in zoology. Students can also appear in the CSS exams after the degree of zoology, as CSS requires a bachelor’s degree. In this exam of CSS, you can choose the optional subjects of your own choice that are related to zoology.

If you are a subject specialist in Physiology then there are opportunities that u can apply in different laboratories which include research methodology. You can appoint as a lab researcher in different hospital’s laboratories.

If your special subject is entomology you can apply in many pest management jobs such as crop pests management, in hospitals where different insects are present and may harm the instruments of the laboratory.

Fisheries is a very important special subject in the course of zoology. As fishes are very important in the ecosystem so their survival depends on proper management which is the job of the zoologist.

Jobs After MSc zoology

There are some jobs after MSc zoology such as

1. Wildlife management officer
2. Wildlife caretaker officer
3. Fish development
4. Zoo curator
5. Professional Teaching
6. As a veterinary assistant
7. Laboratory manager
8. Pest management officer
9. Assistant professor
10. WWF scientists

These are some of the jobs available in Pakistan after the degree of MSc. in zoology. But these jobs have some criteria that must be fulfilled for the job.

Basic Criteria And Eligibility

For those who want to apply these jobs must full fill some criteria of eligibility. 16 years education with A grade is compulsory for these jobs to apply in pakistan. A simple test is also conducted to test the intelligence of the aspirants.

Doctorate in zoology

You can further apply for the doctorate programs after MSc in zoology. As after doctorate program in zoology there are a number of jobs available to apply in pakistan.