International School of Cordoba Fees structure


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International School of Cordoba Fees structure: History: The International School of Cordoba chain launched in 2013. By the mercy of Allah, we formerly have schools operating in China, Japan, South Africa, and several cities in Pakistan. We’ve formerly signed contracts with various mates to set up six hundred schools in thirty districts throughout Pakistan. The main goal assembled school campuses is one of our top priorities. An International Boarding House in Punjab is presently under design.

The institution, which is committed to providing top-notch education, welcomes students from different backgrounds and offers programs from preschool through grade 12.

Fees Structure Components:-

The International School of Cordoba’s or any other international school’s fee structure may vary depending on a number of aspects, such as the school’s location, facilities, curriculum, grade levels, and other services it provides. Various Fee categories, including tuition, registration, transportation, and extracurricular activity fees, are frequently used by international schools. Additionally, some schools could charge extra for uniforms or other items. The following features are typically included in the international school Fee structure:

1. Tuition Fees

Tuition fees fund academic instruction, varying based on the student’s grade level.

2. Registration Fees International School of Cordoba

Registration fees are one-time charges for enrollment, administrative expenses, and student placement.

3. Transportation Fees

International School of Cordoba charges additional fees for transportation services.

4. Extra-curricular Activity Fees:

Extra-curricular activities often require additional fees for non-academic expenses.

5. Application Fees

Application fees are often paid when submitting an application for admission. These charges pay for the office expenses related to processing and reviewing applications.

6. Other Fees

There may be extra fees for certain services or resources, such as food plans, clothes, textbooks, school supplies, and exams.

Understanding the fee structure at the International School of Cordoba in Lahore is crucial for effective financial planning. Parents can make informed decisions and budget accordingly by consulting the school’s official website or directly contacting them.


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