KGS Karachi Admission And Fee Structure 2024


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KGS Karachi: The KGS has always been among the most prestigious schools in Karachi. A school offering excellent quality learning and a plethora of scholarships as well. But now they have come up with an updated admission structure for their students. However, this time around, it’s not just about opening many more branches, but also providing you with ample opportunities for higher studies and future growth.

KGS Karachi Admissions are open to both local and international students. This means that there are several options for you if you have your sights set on studying abroad. There are two kinds of admission structures available – full-time and part-time. A student can choose either a regular or accelerated schedule by filling out a simple application form. Students having any kind of degree are eligible for full-time admission (except those who hold other diplomas, like Economics or Business Management). Some exceptions apply to candidates pursuing short courses.

KGS Karachi Admission And Fee Structure 2024

What Is Full-time Admission

A candidate must be between 16 and 18 years of age, pursuing a Bachelors, MDes, BBA, BA(Hons), BSc, or BA(B)S course. No specific age limit will be applicable to part-time candidates. Additionally, all students are encouraged to take aptitude tests, which test their knowledge of the English Language, Mathematics, Science and English Literature, etc. In such cases, there will be no consideration given for the number of hours spent (or grade) on these examinations.

However, some extra points will be given in grading, according to the required marks. In case of failure in classifying candidates’ proficiency in selected subjects, the overall grades will be reduced.

What Is Part-time Admission

Students are allowed to undertake a minimum total of three units during the term. Each unit will be completed within 10 to 14 days from the day of submission. Along with individual tests, all applicants have to fill an Application Form along with personal details. Candidates are required to submit their applications after the due date. As well as, they will get full merit at par with the highest score of every unit.

Other Points Include In KGS Admission Process

All applicants must possess a passport-size photograph. All foreign nationals only will be given preference. Applicants belonging to Pakistani citizens and non-residents will receive double entry, whereas residents will get a single entry for different parts of Pakistan.

What Types of Applications Are Accepted?

The candidates must possess a valid National Identity Card, Passport sized Photographs with Aadhar Number, SSC Mark-sheet, GIR/ ID Proofs, or Driver’s Licence. Students can select their favorite universities and postgraduate colleges from the list provided by KGS – Islamabad University, Central European University Islamabad, Jaduguri University, Dr. Syed Ali College, and Abdul Latif Khan College. The list includes Islamabad University which offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. courses; Central European University Islamabad, Jaduguri University, Dr. Syed Ali College, and Abdul Latif Khan College.

Applicants will also be given first preference for various online examinations. For instance, all candidates who want to appear for IET Counselling will have to appear for the ATMAI Online Test for General Entrance Exam or ACCET Exam for Joint Common Entrance Examination. Those appearing for the OBC category examination will have to appear for CMPAT OBC Test.

How Much Does It Cost? (Fee Structure In KGS Karachi)

The full-time entrance exam is Rs. 5000 per year, whereas, the part-time option will cost $500 for the respective sections. For individuals having already obtained their degrees, their monthly charges would be Rs. 1000. After all, candidates will need to pay Rs. 6200 for regular enrolment and Rs. 6000 per month after completing their degree. On the other hand, candidates having completed their course will need to pay Rs. 8000 per month.


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