Problems Faced by FSC students in Pakistan

Problems Faced by FSC students in Pakistan

I am going to discuss the problems faced by FSC students in Pakistan. Fsc is that time of student life that makes or destroys the career. Grades of FSC are very important to get admission to professional universities. But students face a number of problems while doing Fsc.

When students are in matric, they get high marks in with little effort. But when they decide to do FSC, they face numerous difficulties. After Fsc you will realize that matric was the easiest job to tackle.

In Pakistan, people are not that wealthy and rich to give their children a quality education. There are numerous problems that are being faced by students and they are stated below.

Problems Faced by FSC students in Pakistan

Theoretical knowledge and Lengthy Syllabus

If you are thinking that you can score 80% of marks by studying in January or December, then it’s your mistake. Because in matric you can score good marks by giving fewer efforts. Fsc books of math, biology, physics, and chemistry are quite difficult. Part 2 chemistry book is considered as most difficult.

Concepts are the basics of achieving good marks. You can learn all the topics by heart but that doesn’t help you. You should work smart not hard. If you don’t clear all your doubts at this time you will face a number of problems while preparing for an entry test.

FSC students problem financial problems

All students cannot afford good academies or tutors. Many can simply not afford the tuition fees of college. Getting admission in a good college is giving half of your fortune. Only Punjab college gives a good scholarship to worthy students.

The transportation issue is also another problem, as Pakistan is not a developed country so there are a smaller number of colleges. Students have to travel a great distance to reach their collages. Transportation services also require money and everyone cannot afford it.

Lack of colleges is also a major factor that plays a great role in illiteracy in rural areas. Girls of small towns are not allowed to go to other towns for studies and their dreams will never come true.

Art of Paper Presentation

When you go to gatherings and parties you get dressed beautifully. Your first impression is imparted by your looks. In the same way, your paper represents your personality. Many examiners prefer and give good grades to those, whose paper is well represented.

Many students lack this ability. Your handwriting, use different markers, margin lines, ending lines, use of headings, and many more factors are seen before grading a paper. Students should make their paper more appealing to get the eye of the examiner.

Good presentation is the key to score good marks. There are hundreds of papers that the examiner has to mark. If your paper is dirty and he or she has some difficulty reading your paper. Maybe he would grant you fewer marks.

Non-cooperative behavior of teachers

In recent years, we have seen increasing trends in academies and evening coaching classes. We should inquire about the reason behind this. Parents are spending thousands of rupees in academies.

The main problem is the non-cooperative behaviors of teachers. Either the teachers are inexperienced or they have a lot of students in their class and they could not guide every student particularly.

Doubts of students are not cleared. Due to a lack of concepts they fail to achieve their goals. In the end, they are left with no good preparation and they join academies such as their test series sessions.  

Changing of Board

Many students change their board from Punjab to federal. This the biggest mistake of students because the curriculum and pattern of both boards are quite different from each other.

Paper patterns, books, time management, and courses are different. For example, in Punjab board, they give definitions in math paper whereas in federal there is no such thing. So, don’t experiment at yourself. Believe in God and do your best. Revise the syllabus as much as you can. Best of luck with your Fsc.