Scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan, Job, Salary

Scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan, Job, Salary

PharmD or Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional degree in pharmacy stream. It’s actually Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy). After studying it, you will be provided with a license, upon which you can open your own pharmacy store and in some countries it even allows you to write the prefix “Dr.” with your name.

You can also prescribe medicine, you know way more about medicine than an MBBS doctor. You can get all detail related to Scope of D Pharmacy here.

This degree is all about pharmaceuticals.D Pharmacy is a master’s degree in medicine. Recently, Pharmacy has attracted the attention of candidates. The candidate must study the accreditation methods and funding structure of the various universities before admission.  The D Pharmacy level is recognized by HEC for Higher Education Communication, Pakistan Medical & Dental Council PMDC, and Pakistan Pharmaceutical Council of Pakistan.

Scope of D Pharmacy in Pakistan

Once students successfully complete their degrees, they get easier jobs, and they know they have a lot of bright prospects in the future. Competition in this field is low compared to MBBS, so the chances of finding a better job are not blurred. There are many different jobs for hard working doctors to start and grow their careers in Pakistan.

Hospital pharmacists are responsible for overseeing the supply of all medicines used in the hospital, and with the help of pharmacy assistants and pharmacy technicians, they are responsible for checking the stock, product, supply, and quality of their drug stock.

There are some employment in which Pharmacist can serve as,

  1. Hospital Pharmacy Director
  2. Hospital Staff Pharmacist
  3. Pharmacist
  4. Pharmacist in Charge
  5. Retail Pharmacist
  6. Retail Staff Pharmacist
  7. Drug Experts
  8. Drug Interaction Specialists
  9. Nutritionists
  10. Medical Writer
  11. Drug Writer
  12. Lecturer
  13. Drug Advisor
  14. Pharmaceutical Advisor
  15. Clinical Pharmacist

The Pharmacy Pharm D physician can join a number of companies and businesses as a full-time career. They include hospitals and pharmaceutical industries, and they can even start their own clinic. Considering that the number of good doctors in Pakistan is very low compared to the level of illness, patients will run to them if they have good skills.

Future of Pharmacy in Pakistan

Since Form D replaced Pakistan B in Pakistan, the scope of this degree has become greater and brighter. This is a dream come true for young doctors eager to join the ever-growing ce industry. Compared to MBA or Master in Computer Sciences, Form D students earn more in Pakistan and if you have excellent skills, there is no limit to your income. Creative and sharp students come up in this field and are also starting their own cement companies to make the most profitable ventures. Clever Form D doctors don’t stop, the future calls them out loud.

Salary After D Pharmacy

The important thing after completing the degree is income. Experienced Pharmacists take to pay more than 1 lac. But Fresh candidates start their job as house jobs in which they are paid 25000/month. This can increase to 40,000 to 50,000/month. Some Pharmacists are earning more than 2 lac on the base of their experience. The Wide Scope of D Pharmacy can be denied. It has a huge scope in the coming years.

Universities For D Pharmacy in Pakistan

The list for D Pharmacy offering Universities is below,

  1. Mohi-Ud-din Islamic University ( Mir Pur )
  2. Abasyn University ( Peshawar)
  3. Sarhad University Of Science & Information Technology (Peshawar)
  4. Abdul Wali Khan University [anbar Campus] (Swabi)
  5. The University Of Lahore (Chenab Campus) (Gujrat)
  6. Bahauddin Zakariya University ( Lahore)
  7. University Of Sargodha (sub Campus) ( Lahore)
  8. Abasyn University (sub Campus) – Islamabad
  9. Riphah International University (sub Campus) ( Lahore)
  10. Quaid-e-azam Postgraduate Medical College / Pims  (Islamabad)
  11. Sargodha Medical College ( Sargodha)
  12. Akhtar Saeed Medical And Dental College ( Lahore)
  13. Azra Naheed Medical College ( Lahore)
  14. Lahore College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences ( Lahore)
  15. Lahore Pharmacy College ( Lahore)
  16. Leads College Of Pharmacy ( Lahore)
  17. Rashid Latif Medical College ( Lahore)
  18. Islam College Of Pharmacy ( Sialkot)
  19. Islam Medical College ( Sialkot)
  20. Pakistan Institute Of Professional Studies ( Abbottabad)
  21. Women Institute Of Learning ( Abbottabad)
  22. Women Institute Of Rehabilitation Sciences  (Abbottabad)
  23. The University Of Lahore (Islamabad Campus) (Islamabad)
  24. Federal Urdu University Of Arts, Science And Technology (Lahore)
  25. Gulab Devi Post Graduate Medical Institute (Lahore)
  26. Johar Institute Of Professional Studies ( Lahore)
  27. South Punjab Institute Of Health Sciences (Multan)
  28. Margalla Institute Of Health Sciences ( Rawalpindi)
  29. Yusra Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences ( Rawalpindi)
  30. Mohi-ud-din Islamic Medical College – Mir Pur (ajk)
  31. University of Punjab (Lahore)