Scope of Zoology in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Universities


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Before proceeding to our topic Scope of Zoology, Jobs, and Salary in Pakistan. You must know zoology. Most of you surely think about what is zoology and why it is important to us?

Well, zoology is a branch of biology that deals with animals, their life cycle, distribution of animal species, structure, physiology, and their behavior as well. There is a wide variety of animals across the globe. So, it is pretty important to know about every single fact about animals. So that we can better understand why animals behave like this way or that way.

Scope of Zoology

Not only to save the endangered species. Also, it is much important to know the interaction of animals with us and the environment. And how they help us to survive in this universe.

So to become a good zoologist, you must have an interest in animals as it is all about animal study. Moreover, the scope of zoology is getting higher in Pakistan. so, it is a good choice to study zoology for better career opportunities.

Scope of Zoology in Pakistan 

Among all the fields of biology, zoology is the top-recommended field. Besides this, it is one of the highest-paying jobs. As we all know in every area of Pakistan whether we talk about well develop city or small town zoology retains its great worth. If you are a zoologist the people will approach you for many reasons.

Jobs of Zoology in Pakistan

So, over here are several jobs of zoology with a handsome salary package in Pakistan. You can apply at the following platforms for the job;

  • Veterinary Institutes
  •  Wild Life Journals
  • National Parks
  • Poultry Farms
  • Safari Park
  • Environment Department
  • Research Labs
  • Cattle Forms
  • Fish Fram

Scope of Zoology

You can apply at above-mentioned platforms for the following jobs;

  • Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Medical Assistant
  • Teacher
  • Curator
  • Medical Representatives
  • Forester
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Research Scientist & so on

Salary of Zoologist in Pakistan

The salary of a zoologist varies upon their degree and experience. As a fresher, it may be a little less as compared to those who have a good experience in this field. However, the estimated salary for a zoologist starts from 40,000 to 50.000 if he has a degree of BS zoology. But if you have a degree of MS zoology in your hand then your salary will be up to 100,00 to 200,00.

Furthermore, if you will complete your Ph.D. after MS and also have a good experience with knowledge. Then you will get a pretty handsome salary package from the sectors, you are working for. And it will be up to 300,000.

Although, the above-mentioned salary packages also depend on the sector in which you are doing a job.

Institutes offering Zoology in Pakistan

Over here, we shortlisted some of the institutes offering Zoology.

  • The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Women University Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • University of Science and Technology
  • Bacha Khan University
  • Ghazi University
  • Gomal University
  • Government College Women University
  • University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  • University of Education Faisalabad
  • Government Postgraduate College, Charsadda
  • Government Postgraduate College, Bannu
  • The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore

In short, the field of zoology is the best choice for your bright future.



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