Best Chiropractor Doctor Shania Shafi in Islamabad

Best Chiropractor Doctor Shania Shafi in Islamabad

The best chiropractor of Islamabad is Doctor Shania Shafi. She is young and very dedicated to her work. She is practicing chiropractic in Anwar Capital Hospital (Islamabad Capital Territory).

Best Chiropractor Doctor Shania Shafi

Shania Shafi is the Doctor Of Chiropractic and trainer of Neuromuscular and deep tissue, lives in Islamabad. She got the training of chiropractic from Pakistan’s best doctor of chiropractic Dr. Agha Ibrahim. Still, she is working with Dr. Agha Ibrahim on and off. 



She is an expert in her profession and has 5 years of experience.  


She also got training in DPT from Dr.Agha Ibrahim for 5 years. And now practicing DPT and Chiropractic in Islamabad. 


She is dealing with the following spinal issues:

  • Herniated Disc 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Spine Misalignment
  • Disc Protrusion
  • Disc Bulge
  • Slip Disc
  • Muscular Problem
  • Sciatica

Why Doctor Shania

She is an expert in the following 

  1. Immediate pain relief
  2. Treatment without Medicines
  3. Reduce the pressure on neurological tissues
  4. Improve mobility of joint
  5. Loses the tight muscles
  6. Decreases inflammation 
  7. Speedy recovering
  8. Alignment of the spine
  9. Improve the function of the central nervous system
  10. Improve the quality of life
  11. Release the nerve root compression
  12. Improve athletic performance

Immediate pain relief Doctor Shania Shafi

Chiropractors Manipulate the body alignment to reduce the pain. Every patient wants to get rid of the pain immediately. So this is the fastest treatment to reduce pain and inflammation from the body by taking 4 to 5 sessions of chiropractic adjustment.

Treatment without Medicines

The best part of the Chiropractic field is that you never had to take oral medicines. She treats your pain without any medication, any pain killer, any anti-inflammatory drug, or injections. 

Reduce the pressure on neurological tissues

Patients feel extreme pain when there is pressure on neurological tissues. She perfectly understands, how to work on neurological tissues. By chiropractic adjustment, she reduces the pressure on neurological tissues. Her one session of characteristic adjustment can reduce 20% of pain immediately.

Improve Mobility of Joints

The immobility of joints causes inflammation and swelling on joints. chiropractic adjustment improves the mobility of joints, by applying sudden force on joints in a specific direction.

Loose the tighten Muscles

Sometimes muscles around the spine get stiffed and swell. That causes heat and inflammation in that area. Her treatment includes some massage techniques that loosen the Tightens muscles of the body. That makes the patient more relaxed, more comfortable and the patient feels improvement in their sleep disorder.

Decrease Inflammation

After Slip Disc or disc herniation patient feels extreme inflammation. She manipulates the spine and massages the tissues very gently. That helps to reduce inflammation from the body.

Speedy Recovery by Doctor Shania Shafi

Most of the patients feel a significant improvement after taking 4 to 5 sessions from Dr. Shania, without any medicine, and any surgery.

Central nervous system

In the central nervous system, the Spine is directly connected to the brain. When  She manipulates the spine, it starts to function normally that ultimately affects the whole central nervous system to work properly.

 Alignment of the Spine Doctor Shania Shafi

Misalignment generates multiple issues in the body. She is an expert to align the spine in only one session.

Improve the quality of life

As you all know that health is wealth. All Functions of the Human body depend upon the function of the spine. When the spine is not working properly a person cannot perform the daily activity of life.  The chiropractic adjustment helps the spine to work properly. That enables a person to perform the daily activities of life perfectly.

 Release The Nerve Root Compression

Sometimes nerves get compressed in vertebras of the spine and that compressed nerves can not supply the blood to that specific part of the body. The patient feels pain in that part. she releases that compressed nerve by manipulation.

Improve Athletic performance Doctor Shania Shafi

Most of the time athletics got injuries in their spines and in other joints of the body that could affect their performance in the sports. Chiropractor Shania immediately makes their spine align which enables athletes to perform again without pain.