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20+ Best Novel Writers in Pakistan 2024

Best Novel Writers in Pakistan: Many people have great minds for making stories. They just create stories from their minds. This is the gift of Allah to those people. Because it is a blessing for people, and such people are very talented. they can create stories by themselves. In the present age of dramas and films.

There are many such talented writers who are earning through their god-gifted talent. These people create stories from their minds and earn from them. These stories are actually the way to the fairy tales or the sad and bitter reality of our society. These stories are published in the novels and then the producers pick some novel story and give them characters to make a drama. Here we are going to tell you about some best Pakistani novel writers in 2024.

Pakistani Best Novel Writers 2024

Novel writers are actually scriptwriters because the dramas and movies that we are watching on different channels are also stories written by some writers. These writers can be novel writers or some special scriptwriters. As we know there are many novel-based dramas in our industry. This is because that story makes a hit in the story. The producers just give the story some characters and run this story on the TV channels.

Novel Based Dramas

There is a very popular drama based on the novel “Khuda Aur Muhabat” written by the very famous novel writer Hashim Nadeem. This novel became very famous and then a drama was made in that novel story. The very famous drama with inspiring characters is known as ” Zindagi Gulzar hai” This very famous drama is also a novel-based drama written by Humera Ahmad. Pakistani writers are some of the best writers in the Urdu Novel Industry. They write such stories through their minds which left people spellbound.

Here are some of the best novel writers in Pakistan who are worth reading.

Best Novel Writers In Pakistan 2024

Some best Pakistani Novel writers are as follows.

1. Hashim Nadeem
2. Humera Ahmed
3. Nimra Ahmed
4. Farhat Ishtiaq
5. Bano Qudsia
6. Rahat Jabeen
7. Sara Raza
8. Mustansar Hussain tarar
9. Saddat Hassan Manto
10. Razia butt
11. Fatima Bhutto
12. Ashfaq Ahmad
13. Naseem Hijazi
14. Ali Sethi
15. Uzma Aslam Khan
16.Bushra Rehman
17. Khadija Mastoor
18. Sarwat Nazir
19. Muhammad Asim Butt
20. Mirza Ather Baig

These are some of the very famous Urdu writers in Pakistan. they wrote stories that inspire you, melt your heart, and invoke a sense of feeling in your heart.


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