The 54+ Best Buffet In Lahore Under 1000

best buffet in lahore under 1000

The Best Buffet In Lahore: The best buffets in Lahore are always changing and evolving to meet the needs of their customers, but these 10 are sure to provide you with great food at great prices. Now all you have to do is decide which one you want to try out first. We make some efforts for all of you latest rates of all buffet restaurant latest price. Nowadays not easy for all restaurants to make big buffets under 1000 so that is the latest price.

Latest Ramadan Buffet update for all restaurant

  1. Rose Palace 2499 including Tax
  2. The Veranda Ramadan Hi tea 899 including Tax
  3. Arcadian Cafe Packages 3495+Tax
  4. Yum Chinese & Thai 3395+Tax
  5. Villa Grand Buffet 2445+Tax
  6. Lal Qila 2990 Including Tax
  7. La Atrium 2499 +Tax
  8. Carnival Buffet 2149+Tax
  9. China Town & Jade Cafe 2099+Tax
  10. Butt Karahi PIA Road & Bedian 1550 including Tax
  11. Oban Hotel 1999+ Tax
  12. Masalawala 2895+ Tax
  13. The Skye Indigo Hotel 3099+Tax
  14. Mandarin Kitchen 2495+Tax
  15. Banera EME 1599+Tax
  16. Monal 3190+Tax
  17. Nayabs 2499+Tax
  18. Luxus Grand 1600+Tax
  19. PF Changs 3450+Tax
  20. London Courtyard 3295+Tax
  21. Cafe Aylanto & Fuchsia Kitchen 5695+Tax
  22. Tuscany Courtyard 3195+Tax
  23. Spice Bazar 3985+Tax
  24. Salt & Peppers Village 2995+Tax
  25. Noi Stir Fry & Sauté 2795+Tax
  26. Chandni Chowk 2450+Tax
  27. Nishat Hotel 2150+Tax
  28. Freddys Cafe 3850+Tax
  29. Kim Mun Chinese 1550+Tax
  30. The Dining Room 2999+Tax
  31. Deja By Khadija 2150+Tax
  32. Baranh Rooftop 3799+Tax
  33. Royal Swiss 3490+Tax
  34. LaMessa Indigo Hotel 2199+Tax
  35. Nadeem Buffet 3775+Tax
  36. Yifang 3195+Tax
  37. Ramada 3499+Tax
  38. Junoon?
  39. Shezan Regale 1799+Tax
  40. Mouthful 3485+Tax
  41. Wasabi 2222+Tax
  42. Novu 2650+Tax
  43. PC Bukhara 3800+Tax
  44. Marco Polo PC 3800+Tax
  45. Ziafat 2400+Tax
  46. Lemeilleur 2500+Tax
  47. Hot Pot Restaurant 3199+Tax
  48. Zouq E Saeed 2695+Tax
  49. Antique Cafe 2222+Tax
  50. Peerus Cafe 3395+Tax
  51. Pearson Specter Litt 3391+Tax
  52. Best Western Premier 2999+Tax
  53. Baithak Khaas 1999+Tax
  54. The Best Buffet in Lahore

Shiraz Restaurant  Best Buffet In Lahore

As far as vegetarian restaurants go, Shiraz is a solid choice. The buffet features an ample amount of options, with a nice spread of naan and rice accompanying them. However, what Shiraz is most known for is its desserts—the restaurant’s baklava and gulab jamun are particularly popular.

Ravi Restaurant

There are so many buffets in Lahore Serving up some of Karachi’s best food, Ravi is a great choice for an excellent buffet in a grand setting. It’s only available on Fridays, so keep that in mind if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite dishes from Ravi! While it was recently voted one of Karachi’s top restaurants, it also has one of Karachi’s most reasonably priced buffets. A Sunday brunch there will only set you back Rs. 650 per person.

Al Rais Kebab House

If you want a buffet that offers something for everyone, Al Rais Kebab House is one of your best bets. This restaurant doesn’t just offer Pakistani food; it offers traditional flavors from Turkey, India, and China as well. The warm service and wide selection make Al Rais Kebab House a great option for families or groups traveling together.

Ali Baba Chinese Fast Food

You might have to wait a little bit at Ali Baba Chinese Fast Food but it’s well worth it. They give you enough food to feed three people at an amazingly low price. A meal here costs Rs 600 and their service is very good, although they don’t deliver! If you want more quantity and less quality, go for Badshah Chinese Fast Food located near Gora Qabar Chowk.

Raj Palace Hotel And

A pure vegetarian buffet in Lahore, Raj Palace Hotel is a one-stop destination for all foodies visiting Lahore. It has multiple outlets across different areas of Lahore and is known to offer a great variety at very affordable prices. Although they mostly serve North Indian and Chinese cuisine, they also have some South Indian options like dosa, idli, and vada. With live counters for chaat and a salad bar as well, no one should ever feel deprived of their choice of food at Raj Palace Hotel.

A1 Restaurant and Lounge

A1 is a mid-range restaurant that has a really nice setup and great service. There’s some fantastic artwork on display, which gives you something to talk about while you dine with your friends. The buffet itself offers a great selection of starters, main courses, and desserts; it also changes every week, so you can always expect something new when you go back!

Mumtaz Mahal Haveli Buffet In Lahore

Mumtaz Mahal Haveli has to be one of my favorite buffet places. Not only does it have a spread of mouth-watering Indian food, but its prices are unbeatable. You’ll get access to a huge vegetarian selection (which I love), but if you aren’t too keen on that, you can always grab some extra naan and head over to their great selection of non-vegetarian dishes.

Welcome Restaurant And Sweet Shop

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Lahore and has been serving scrumptious food for a long time. The ambiance is amazing and can be enjoyed during Eid or any other festive occasion. The restaurant serves everything from Indian to Chinese food, making it a buffet worth its weight in gold! Not only do they have an extensive menu, but their prices are also pocket-friendly, so get ready to taste some amazing dishes!

Darya–e-Kashmir Royal Cafe and Restaurant best Buffet in Lahore

Darya-e-Kashmir Royal Cafe & Restaurant has become a premier destination for all kinds of diners. The buffet features a wide variety of dishes from all around Pakistan, as well as many international favorites. Whether you like spicy food or mild food, meat or vegetarian dishes, light snacks or desserts – you will find something in Darya-e-Kashmir to please your palate.