Top 5 Turkish Dramas in Urdu Dubbing


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Top 5 Turkish Dramas in Urdu Dubbing: Turkish dramatizations are very famous in Pakistan, with females favoring them to other TV programs. Many of dramas are present on YouTube in but we are here to provide you with some of the Top 5 Turkish Dramas in Urdu Dubbing.

Top 5 Turkish Dramas in Urdu Dubbing

Day dreamer Top Turkish Drama in Urdu Dubbing

Daydreamer is one of the best drama that is written by Turkish industry. The drama is available on YouTube with full episodes in urdu dubbing. The main character of story is Sanem and the boy Can Divit that is a famous photographer. Day dreamer is full worth watching it’s a great drama with full of suspense and beautiful story. You definitely have to watch this drama.


This is a famous Turkish drama that is available in urdu dubbing on YouTube. In this drama the writer show the story of Miriam who was in the relationship with a boy Rohan. And on the other side Shahwaiz is also engaged but unfortunately his fiancée get killed in an accident that is done by the Rohan. Shahwaiz want to take revenge from Merym go and watch the drama to know about the full story of Meryem.

Pyar Lafza ma kahan

This is one of the most famous Turkish drama in urdu and is also in English. the Pakistani viewers show most interest in watching this drama. The story revolved around 2 characters Hayat and murat. they both belong to different social families but  they fell in love.Their story is very beautiful. To watch their full story go on youtube.

The Promise

This drama is also very famous and it is the story of 2 people who are getting married unintentionally. The guy belonged to a poor family and the man belonged to rich family. Gradually they develop a bond and fall in love. The drama is long yet at the same time, individuals who love family show can watch it.

Full Moon

The story rotates around Ferit and Nazli. Ferit is a focused youthful finance manager. Nazli is recruited by Ferit as a cook in his home. The two of them are not the same as one another yet their truthfulness towards work and family is normal. Watch this drama on youtube.

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