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40+ Best Floral Mehndi Designs in Pakistan 2024

Mehndi Designs in Pakistan: Pakistan is the country in which there is a great trend of applying mehndi at their hands and even on their feet. Girls are very much desperate to apply mehndi at their hands in almost every function. Before some events such as some party, and some wedding events, It is the desire of every girl to apply mehndi on their hands before this event to happen.

There are also some other occasions such as eid festivals especially the eid-ul-Fitr is a very special occasion for the girls to apply mehndi on their hands. so, here we are going to tell you about some mehndi designs in Pakistan in 2024.

Mehndi Designs for girls in Pakistan 2024

For girls, there is no event without applying mehndi. they cannot even consider their look complete without applying mehndi. Every girl has her own desire of how to apply mehndi. Some like mehndi from elbows length to the fingers, But some just apply mehndi on their palms and the other side of the hands.

All these types and styles of mehndi are very beautiful. Mehndi is the most beautiful compliment for the girls. There are many salons in the cities of Pakistan which offer their services for applying mehndi and charge according to it. Here we are able to show some designs of mehndi in Pakistan 2024.

Floral Mehndi Designs For Girls in Pakistan 2024

there are many types of applying mehndi, their designs and patterns may vary from one another. But some of the common designs and styles of mehndi in Pakistan areas.

  1. Bridal Mehndi
  2. Arabic Mehndi
  3. Indian Mehndi

All these designs are used to apply mehndi in Pakistan. But for brides, there is a specific way of applying mehndi. Here we going to tell you about some floral designs of applying mehndi on the hands of the brides and other girls.

40+ Floral mehndi designs for the girls in Pakistan

There are many patterns of applying mehndi on the hands. But Some floral designs of applying mehndi are one of the best ways. Girls usually prefer floral designs for applying mehndi. These floral patterns are very attractive and charming. Mehndi looks very beautiful in the hands of the girls.

Bridal services for applying mehndi at Salons

In India, there are many salons that offer bridal mehndi services the brides. they apply mahndi of very special floral designs on the hands of the brides. And then charges according to the patterns and style of applying mehndi, and also according to the length.


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