Best intimate wash in Pakistan for ladies

Best intimate wash in Pakistan for ladies

Best intimate wash in Pakistan for ladies: Most of the ladies are suffering from sensitive skin, infection, and darker skin tone in their vaginal areas. Then don’t worry,  Here is a solution for ladies in Pakistan that is Daily Intimate Wash. This is to protect from dryness microorganisms and irritation of the close parts.

Here are some of the best intimate washes in Pakistan for ladies that help you to solve the problem.

Best intimate wash in Pakistan for ladies

Seba Med intimate wash

This is a very good product that helps to maintain your skin healthy. Seba Med intimate wash is clinically approved as 5.5 PH. It does not provide harm to the sensitive layer of skin. The product is soap-free and has very good reviews. The price range starts from 1900 pkr.

Mama Organic Daily Intimate Wash for Ladies

This is one of the top brands in Pakistan. The product is of very good quality and free from infection irritation and itching. Some of the key ingredients include Alovera, cucumber extract, olive, and tea tree. The price starts from 1100 pkr.

Beta dine Feminine Wash

This is a Good brand that provides intimate face wash in Pakistan. The product has a non-toxic nonirritating gentle effect.  The price ranges start from 1000 pKr. The product makes it feel fresh and comfortable.

VagiSaf Pro Feminine Hygiene Wash

This product is from a very famous brand in Pakistan, that is Saffrin. It is recommended for external use and to provide gentle treatment. VagiSaf Pro Feminine Hygiene Wash also acts as a healing moisturizer. Customer’s reviews about this product are very satisfying. The range of price starts from 250 Pkr.

Dr. Rashel Feminine Wash in Pakistan

Dr Rashel is a very famous Pakistani Brand. It provides whitening effects to close parts. This product nourishes and moistures the skin. The reviews of customers about the product are very good and satisfying. The price of this feminine wash starts from 750 pkr.

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