10 Best Dental Doctor in Lahore 2024


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Dental Doctor in Lahore: The word dentist refers to a doctor who specializes in teeth, gums, and the mouth. A bad toothache is a sign that you should see the dentist to make sure you don’t have a cavity. In Lahore, there is a lot of dental doctor severing people. There is no doubt every doctor is good in his or her own way and we cannot doubt someone’s work or judge them. In this article, we will tell you about some best doctor dental doctors in Lahore. Let me first explain to you first what is basically a dental can do to help you or how they work for people to help them.

Best Dental Doctor in Lahore

Who is a dentist?

Dentists play an important role in promoting excellent oral hygiene. By doing so, you can avoid problems in your mouth or other parts of your body. Dentists treat gum, tooth, and oral disorders. X-ray machines, lasers, drills, brushes, scalpels, and other tools are used by dentists when they perform dental surgery. In addition, they wear protective gear, such as gloves, masks, and safety glasses, to prevent the spread of germs or pathogens.

Dental doctor working processor

Dental doctors do the simple processor on their patients to know about the actual problem in their teeth.

  1. They tell people about dental care and hygiene
  2. Filling the cavity
  3. How to get rid of plaque and deterioration of teeth
  4. Having to remove or repair damaged teeth
  5. The doctor examines X-rays and diagnostics.
  6. The patient is anesthetized.
  7. Dental fillings or sealants
  8. Watching the development

Dental doctor in Lahore

Now, let we talk about the doctors in Lahore. Some of them are explained below.

  1.  Dr. Shoaib Haneef (BDS, C.Implants, C.Ortho)- Former Demonstrator At Sharif Medical & Dental Hospital (LHR)
  2. Dr. Imran Zia – B.D.S(p.b), R.D.S, C-Implants
  3. Doctor Naveed Anwar
  4. Dr. Aamer Iqbal Maxillofacial Surgeon . Dentist
  5. Dr. Zia un Nisa
  6. Dr. Hamza Zahid
  7. Ms. Arfeen Kiran
  8. Dr. Zainab Javed
  9. Dr. Ch Muhammad Aslam
  10. Dr. Saira Akhtar

Dr. Shoaib Haneef (BDS, C.Implants, C.Ortho)- Former Demonstrator At Sharif

Doctor Shoaib Haneef is one of the best dental doctors in Lahore. He is serving people for many years. Doing a great job. He is a very experienced doctor. His address is B1, 15-17, Main College Road, near Akbar Chowk, Township Block A 1 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54770. People have a great experience with them.

Dr. Imran Zia – B.D.S(p.b), R.D.S, C-Implants

He is a dentist with a specialization in orthodontics. The areas of expertise that he specializes in include tooth fillings, root canal therapy, braces, bridges, and pulpotomies. The address of the doctor is Unnamed Road, New Samanabad Samanabad Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000.

Dr. Naveed Anwar

Dr. Naveed is the other best doctor dental doctor in Lahore. He has many years of experience in his field. People always feel satisfied with his treatment. So, He is totally recommended for people living in Lahore.

Dr. Aamer Iqbal Maxillofacial Surgeon  Dentist

Dr. Aamer Iqbal is a board-certified dentist in Lahore who holds degrees in FCPS and BDS.   furthermore, He is currently employed at Hameed Latif Hospital.

Dr. Zia un Nisa Dental Doctor In Lahore

A doctor who is both personable and professional. Dr. Zia Un Nisa is a dental expert. Periodontal treatment, tooth replacement, and simple and surgical extractions are among her specialties.

Dr. Hamza Zahid

 Dr. Hamza is the best doctor in Lahore. With degrees in C.ENDO, LDS, MJDF, and BDS, Dr. Hamza Zahid is one of Lahore’s best-qualified dentists. He is currently employed at Dr. Hamza Medical and Dental Centre.

 Afreen Kiran Dental Doctor In Lahore

Ms. Afreen Kiran is one of the best dentists in Lahore. she is a very experienced doctor. she has the best experience at affordable prices. She holds the titles of MOH, RDS, and BDS. She is currently employed at Dream Smile Dental Clinic.

Dr. Zainab Javed

Dr. Zainab Javed is the best-certified dentist in Lahore with a BDS degree. She is currently employed at Sharif Medical City Hospital. highly recommended for dental patients.

Dr. Ch Muhammad Aslam

Dr. Ch Muhammad Aslam is a lovely and caring individual. He works at the Sharif Medical City Hospital. he is having a degree in BDS and MDS.

Dr. Saira Akhtar

In Lahore, she is the best and most economical dentist. She provides excellent service, attention, and professionalism. she is currently working at Sharif Medical City Hospital.


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